Customizing Tutorials

The customizing tutorials cover the basics, from easy eye and wig changing that anyone can do with a screwdriver all the way up to resculpting.

Each tutorial will have the following information at the top:

  • Level of skill (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • supplies used in this tutorial

I strongly suggest you pay attention to both of those things.  Beginner level is something anyone can do and are very low-risk.  Intermediate tutorials require a certain amount of skill with a paintbrush.  Check the “Should You Customize?” tutorial for a few tests to can give yourself before you do anything that can’t be undone.  Advanced tutorials should only be attempted if you’re already comfortable with customizing, and come with the highest amount of risk.   And before you think “What’s the worst that could happen?” and ignore me:

Also, I am not a materials snob, and will generally recommend the cheapest supplies that work.  For example, I recommend airbrush paints.  They’re about $3 a bottle and fairly easy to get.  I do not recommend craft paints, which range from about $1-2.50 a bottle.  Craft paints leave brush marks and certain colors have been known to stain.  I also recommend airbrush paints, many of which are formulated for models, over higher quality artists’ acrylic paint which is mostly formulated for canvas because while well pigmented, some peel/leave brush marks/stain.  If I say 800 grit or higher sandpaper,  I really mean it.  Most stuff you might already have in your house is 400 or lower–I’ve seen what this does to doll heads (points to above pictures) and it ain’t pretty.