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1/3 Convertible Mini Dresses pattern

Mini Dresses for the big gals!

This week’s pattern is Convertible Mini Dresses for the curvy 1/3 dolls: DD, Smart Doll, and a bunch of BJDs with more curvy proportions like the lovely Fairyland F60 pictured above! 

This pattern has been pretty popular in the other sizes I’ve done it in: It’s quick, it’s versatile, and it’s a lot of fun.  There’s something about being able to mix and match looks, and the fact that you don’t have to make a whole new dress for each look is a huge time saver!

Variations for size in this pattern include bust size (self explanatory) and thigh gap (!?!!)  Yeah, I was pretty surprised too!  But look at the comparison chart I did:

60cm BJD doll comparison chart

See, the Dollfie Dream Sister?  Her thighs are wider apart than her hips for some reason.  Not the kind of measurement a girl usually takes, you know?  They can pivot inward so the knees get slightly closer together, but those upper thighs man, they are just super wide and stay that way >.<  So to make sure clothes fit her, a variation was included that makes the skirt part below the hips a little wider.  I want clothes made from my patterns to fit ALL THE DOLLS!  (or at least as many as possible)

I hope you enjoy it!  The core dress only takes about 15 minutes to sew up: about as fast and easy as a sock dress, but infinitely classier 🙂

Aprons for 1/3 dolls!

DD/Smart Doll Aprons on Etsy

I have a Smart Doll on loan from Pullip Junk, so I’m using the opportunity to try out some 1/3 scale patterns for the bigger dolls!  While you can get some incredibly elaborate detail on a 1/3 outfit, I know that when it comes to Dollfie Dreams and Smart Dolls, the population is skewed more towards anime/figure fans than doll fans, who are even less familiar with sewing.  Aprons look cute, and they’re almost impossible to screw up, even for a newbie sewer!  Check it out now on Etsy!

I assume that this pattern works equally well on the less-curvy 1/3 dolls out there because on people an apron will fit just as well on a size 2 as a size 10 and there’s a lot less variation than that between the vinyl and resin BJD proportions, but I don’t have any 1/3 resin dolls to test it on.

If sewing isn’t your thing but you want some cute apron action, I put the demo outfits from the pattern up for sale in the shop as well!