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Hasbro Forces of Destiny Doll Action Figures

Lately there’s been a lot of crossover between ‘dolls’ and ‘action figures’.  Though it seems to me that the only real difference between action figures and dolls is whether or not boys are allowed to play with them without social disapproval, I have been told that it comes down to articulation and sculpting.

…ok, whatever.  Either way you look at it, action figures (like the all-sculpted 6″ mini DC Super Hero Girls) have been showing up in the girl aisles while traditional dolls have been gaining more articulation and sculpted clothing while Action figures have been getting bigger and more doll like (Hi there, Hot Toys!)  Madame Alexander Fangirl Dolls and WWE’s Diva dolls have brought classic fashion dolls to the boy aisles.

The Forces of Destiny dolls are hybrid dolls that are simultaneously dolls and action figures and are marketed to both boys and girls.  Great!  Let’s have a look.

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Gooliope Jellington Review

(Gooliope is pronounced like Goo-LIE-o-pea)

Ok, so I haven’t been this excited for a new MH doll in a while.  I’ve liked some of the new releases, but when giving each doll a one of a kind body and head sculpt becomes normal, how do you raise the bar?  By making the doll twice as big and as poseable as a ball jointed doll!  So here’s Gooliope in her box (which I LOVE):

Gooliope in Box

Gooliope is packaged in a normal sized Monster High box, but she’s all crouched in it and pounding on the plastic (which is shattering) to get out. If I hadn’t been so excited to get her out of the box, I would have left her in because that packaging is just awesome. I never care about packaging, but that is just OMG genius.

Gooliope's Joints

Here’s what makes the new body fab: New points of articulation have been added at the top of each arm and thigh, so that the arms/legs can pivot as well as bend. The elbows and knees are now double jointed, bending above the joint as well as below. She has a bust joint, so her upper torso can lean forward/back and side/side as well as pivot a little. How much more poseable does that make her? Wow. She can hold her own against any doll I have. I’m going to post some comparative pictures tomorrow.

I also want to point out that the drips on her body are neither repeated nor symmetrical. It isn’t a big deal, but it does make her more realistic looking. I love those little extra touches that lets you know someone loved making this doll, and wasn’t just doing the minimum necessary to get it to production. Most Monster High dolls are like that, which is one of the things that makes me love them so much. Did they need to add extra articulation and re-engineer the joints to make a big doll? No! But they did, and the doll is only $5 more than a regular doll. With all the cost cutting going on in the Ever After High line, I’m really impressed the Monster High team was able to convince corporate to let them do this and not just enlarge the body/joints they already had. Good job!

Gooliope's ears/earrings

The ears have little drips, too

Quality: All the Gooliopes that I saw at the store (around 8) did not have eye wonk, but the makeup that was printed on was slightly fuzzy. It isn’t that noticeable, but I will be touching up my girl’s face. Her hair isn’t great, but it also isn’t a solid mass of gel or frizzy. It’s gently curly, and kind of matted from the box, but if you brush it out with your fingers a bit it gets a lot nicer. That’s all I’ve got for negatives, and yeah, I did have to stretch just to get those. I will be taking her measurements and trying out scaling a couple of my patterns to the bigger body later.

Verdict: A+++++  This doll exploded my usual grading curve.  I would have expected this doll to be twice the price (and still totally worth it) of a regular doll at least, not $5 more.

And just a FYI for people who don’t follow doll news, they will be releasing Frankie, Draculaura, and Clawdeen dolls in this size sometime this year.  I can’t wait!

Kitty Cheshire Ever After High Review

Today’s doll is Kitty Cheshire:
Kitty Cheshire
Kitty is one of those dolls that everyone seems to love but me ^^;

I’ve been trying to review the dolls on an as-made basis, instead of bringing up things like changes from initial design to release and things like missing accessories. Kitty did not come with her forearm designs and fur cuffs. Ginger did not come with her bracelet and ring. These things were originally shown in the prototypes, but cut as a cost-cutting measure by Mattel. Yeah, companies do this, and yep, it sucks. But as long as the rest of the doll that is released is well made, I’ll still give it a pretty good review.

So again, first the good, and for Kitty, that’s a lot: Continue reading

Monster High Gorgon Girl & Mummy Review + Comparisons

I have spent the last two weeks looking for Catrine DeMew. Not gonna lie, it’s been a pain in the butt, especially yesterday, when everyone was out shopping for the blizzard. Still no Catrine, but I have found the latest CAM packs for Gorgon girl & Mummy girl, and the transparent ones… blob and whatever. Clearly I wasn’t intrested in those, haha!

Here are the ladies in question, all assembled:
Gorgon and Mummy Girls
I’m leaving out pictures of their accessories, because I am reviewing them from a pure for-customizing point of view (the shoes are pretty sweet though).
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