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Chibi School Uniform

Private School: Chibi Sized!

The chibi size has become a little more popular recently, probably because kikis are becoming less rare as more dolls are made! So this week, here’s a nice wardrobe basics pattern: Private School Uniform

I also have gotten my hands on a Fairyland Realfee and can confirm that although they’re a bit shorter, they’re about the same size.  Things like socks obviously won’t work between them, but I’ll deal with that when I get there. It’s not like the other sizes don’t have a bunch of variations.

Realfee in Chibi Private School Uniform

So here’s the deal with Realfees (since they come with so many body parts): When they have human legs, they’re slightly shorter and have slightly narrower hips, though still pear shaped.  When they have non-quadroped animal lower halfs (bunny, satyr, mermaid) the hips widen to be just about a perfect match to the realfee.  So far, both the patterns I’ve done are only fitted to the waist and free at the hips because skirts and dresses and bloomers are all pretty roomy down there, so you can pop them on either doll no problem!