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Hasbro Forces of Destiny Doll Action Figures

Lately there’s been a lot of crossover between ‘dolls’ and ‘action figures’.  Though it seems to me that the only real difference between action figures and dolls is whether or not boys are allowed to play with them without social disapproval, I have been told that it comes down to articulation and sculpting.

…ok, whatever.  Either way you look at it, action figures (like the all-sculpted 6″ mini DC Super Hero Girls) have been showing up in the girl aisles while traditional dolls have been gaining more articulation and sculpted clothing while Action figures have been getting bigger and more doll like (Hi there, Hot Toys!)  Madame Alexander Fangirl Dolls and WWE’s Diva dolls have brought classic fashion dolls to the boy aisles.

The Forces of Destiny dolls are hybrid dolls that are simultaneously dolls and action figures and are marketed to both boys and girls.  Great!  Let’s have a look.

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Friday Pattern: Cocktail Dresses for Petite Fashion Doll Girls

Petite Cocktail Dresses

First, today’s pattern: Cocktail Dresses for Petite Fashion Dolls!  Hooray!  This is one of my favorite patterns in Petite Slimline size because it’s really versatile (you can make a dozen dresses with it without using the same combo twice) and also super fast and easy to sew. When people ask me which patterns are beginner friends, this is up at the top.

This also comes with the surprising discovery that Hasbro’s new doll lines (both the Disney Princesses and the Disney Descendants) are a slightly longer-limbed but otherwise perfect match for Petite Fashion Dolls (Blythe, Pure Neemo, Licca, Vintage Skipper).  Sweet!  So if you can’t wait to start sewing for these lines, you’re in luck ‘cuz I already have a bunch!

If you want to see some nekkid dolly comparison pictures, there are some after the cut. Continue reading