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PS Bikinis & Underwear

PS Bikinis & Underwear

This week’s pattern has been long requested!  While I’ve done elaborate lingerie in the Cabaret pack, a lot of people wanted more styles with a focus on casual underwear styles… which coincidentally are about the same as beach styles, depending on the fabric you use. 

Therefore, in this pack, you can find 7 different styles of top, 3 different styles of panty, as well as leggings and tights.  AND, if that wasn’t enough variety, I also included stretch and non-stretch pattern pieces so you can do all the different top and panty styles in whatever kind of fabric you want! 

I also tried something new in this pattern that I may or may not keep doing depending on feedback: I included two sets of the pattern, at 100% and 125% size to help out the folks who have trouble resizing at home.  So if you find this unnecessary or totally awesome, let me know 😉

Sewing for DC Super Hero Girls

Sewing pattern for DC Super Hero Girls

I had no idea what was up with the DC Super Hero Girls last year.  After an amazing start where all the dolls were immediately snatched off of shelves (and often sold on Ebay for extreme amounts) when they were released at the beginning of the year, they kind of… disappeared.  No new lines or accessories or anything even through the holidays and the stores that had them in stock just kind of shuffled them around to any unused shelf space.   But then just after the holiday season, new stuff started hitting the shelves and a lot of stores now have dedicated “DC Super Hero Girls” space again!  Some new dollies on the horizon, too! 

…but no clothing packs 🙁 Boo!  Instead, most of the new dolls have molded on clothes. Which… is OK, I guess.  Since every year there are fewer and fewer fashion packs for even lines like Barbie, I guess having molded on clothes is a better outcome than a kiddo losing her doll’s clothes and having to fight crime in the buff. 

It isn’t ideal, though: every comic book fan knows that the heroes (and villains) have to have civilian clothes to wear over their super hero costumes, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to keep their secret identities!  Even the molded-costume dollies still need civilian disguises!  So that’s where this fashion pack comes in 😀

Any PS Sized pattern fits if you enlarge it to 125%, but I decided to do a Basics pattern set for them so that people new to doll sewing don’t have to fiddle with resizing.  I also tweaked it a bit: simplified a couple of things and added some more options that aren’t in the regular PS Basics.  Check it out now in the shop


Pattern Preview!

Tomorrow’s pattern is a Wa-Loli Kimono pattern collab design between myself and Keely’s Cute Kimono!
More Preview!Keely’s specialty is the wa-loli style, so I’ve avoided making any patterns in that direction.  However, she just got an awesome opportunity to do the costuming for a movie and so won’t be doing any dolly sewing for a while.  Therefore, this happened!

Because it’s the product of two dolly sewers with us each adding our own variations and options, it’s the biggest pattern yet: 4 whole pages of JUST pattern pieces!  It’s not hard, it’s just got a lot of options 😉

It will be a 1.5 priced pattern at $5.99 despite the massive amount of pattern pages, and will go up in the shop tomorrow morning!  Subscribers already have it, so if you can’t wait until tomorrow and want to jump into a subscription, you get it at a discount (subscribers get patterns for 3.99 ea no matter if they’re single, 1.5, or double sized) with a 5-pattern subscription in the shop!

DC Super Hero Girls Patterns

I’ve mentioned it before, but the DC Super Hero Girls are 125% bigger than EAH dolls, but with more muscle definition. They don’t have especially thicker limbs, more like they’re sculpted to look more ripped in the same amount of space.

So here’s Harley in a an enlarged version of the 60s Mod Dress!

Harley's new outfit

This is the most basic version of the mod dress with a puff ball trim added.  For the jester neckline, I traced the shape I wanted, cut it out with some thin, non-fraying fluffy type fabric, and glued it on with some fabric glue.  For the diamond pattern on the hip, fabric paint applied with a brush.  SUPER easy, SUPER cute 😉

If you want to make clothes for any of your super hero girls, you can enlarge any of the Petite Slimline sized patterns in my shop 125% and be go!