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Corsets for Minifees

Bustier and underbust corsets for Minifees

This week’s pattern is Corsets for Minifees!

Why Minifees?  Why not multiple doll sizes at 1/4 scale?  I’ve been able to make patterns adjustable to different sizes for all other patterns in this size before now.

See, it comes down to what a corset is and how it’s supposed to fit.  On a person, a corset would shape YOU, and therefore fit as snugly as a second skin.  Obviously a corset isn’t going to shape anything on a doll, but if it fits like a second skin it still looks right.  Therefore, to make a good corset pattern, I have to tailor it so exactly that it fits like a second skin. 

Below is a comparison of how much the pattern changes for two dolls with almost the exact same measurements:

Difference in pattern sizes

Once we get up to dolls that have 2-3cm in difference at the waist, hip, or bust… nope.  A simple tweak on one or two pattern pieces won’t do it.  But don’t worry: If I get a lot of requests for other sized dolls, I will happily make this pattern in other sizes as well!