Happy 2018!

All the items in the shop have been reset.  Time to start a new horse race!

The most popular individual pattern this year was… Slim 1/4 Regency!  Woah, total upset!  PS has lost the crown!  But that’s OK because the most popular pattern (including copies sold with multi packs) was PS Rococo & Hime Lolita

Here are the top (individual) patterns by size:
PS: High Fashion
P: Regency
MS: Basics
M Girl: High Fashion
T: Overalls
Slim 1/4: Regency
Curvy 1/3: Basics 2
Chibi:Simply Cute
S Boy: School Uniform
M Boy: School Uniform
L Boy: Basics
1/12 Action Figure: Trench Coats

And the least popular pattern is…
Tied between Petite Cocktail Dresses and 1/12 Action Figure Leather Jackets & Lab Coats  (Sad trombone sound)

Given that the difference between the most/least popular Action Figure pattern was 3, it’s not that much of a surprise.  It’s a new size, and I was not sure how willing dudes who customize would be to pick up a needle and thread (turns out not very!)  Come on, it’s the 21st century.

The P pattern isn’t that big of a surprise either.  While there has been an increase in people sewing for Disney Descendants dolls since the decline of Ever After High releases, this is still the least popular established girl size and the people who sew for it usually sew for Blythes.  I have probably seen Blythe in more clown costumes than I’ve seen her in cocktail dresses.  So why did I make that pattern?  Because I hadn’t seen Blythes in cocktail dresses, and I figured they needed some 😛

It’s taken a while to have enough patterns to notice, but tastes of doll collectors varies hugely between sizes.

PS collectors love nichey fashion, especially anything X Lolita, probably because that’s how Monster High and Ever After High are designed: they’re the first doll lines where each doll has a specific fashion style. 
P is more vintage/period costume
M is more mainstream girly and fancy dresses
T is cute kid stuff
Slim 1/4 is elaborate dresses

The other sizes I haven’t done enough patterns to notice trends.

My most pleasant surprise was how well the “High Fashion” pattern set did across the sizes!  Just about every other pattern I’ve done because of requests or current fashion trends, but High Fashion was the only pattern that was all me.  If you want to know what my personal ‘perfect outfit’ looks like, that’s it!

So…Happy New Year everyone! 


Curvy 1/3 Cold Shoulder Pattern

Curvy 1/3 Cold Shoulder

I’m kind of sad to be done with this pattern.  It was so much fun!   1/3 is the size that some of my recycled fabrics really started to shine too because the designs just didn’t scale right to the smaller sizes (like the striped fabric–that was in last week’s demo patterns too, but it doesn’t look half as nice in 1/4!). 

That white dress is also the ‘final resting place’ of my worn out cashmere hoodie, so now I can talk about my dolls’ cashmere sweater and people can think I’m even more crazy than I am!  Though as a side note, I was pretty terrified of cutting/sewing cashmere knit.  I assumed it would be TERRIBLE but actually it was about the same as any other medium knit. Very little fray.  And so, so soft <3

It is up in the shop if you want to check it out.  Otherwise, Happy New Year!

Cold Shoulder for Slim MSDs!

I like this pattern.  Developing it has been fun, because when I make the demo outfits I’m creatively trying to figure out how to position them to cut out of old sweaters for the most appealing results.

Cold Shoulder for Slim MSD/16" Fashion Dolls

Like that pink one!  It used to be a cardigan that I picked up because I like that color and had already tried it on in another color and it looked great.  Except somehow the pink one looked nothing like the other one despite being the same size/style/on the same table at the same store (let this be a lesson: always try it on!) and was too small/too big at the same time.  Yerk. 

So when I tried making doll clothes out of it and the doll clothes all came out so beautifully, it was very rewarding!  Almost totally made up for how awful it looked on me.  Almost.  

I know a lot of people who use my patterns do a lot with recycled clothes, but since I can’t reliably give fabric recommendations from thrift stores, I try to use cut-from-bolt stuff.  This has been an exception because you really can’t find coordinated ribbing/knits at fabric stores, and it’s an easy enough pattern that just about any light-medium weight knit shirt or thin sweater will work just fine. 

Go check it out on Etsy if you want to turn your disappointing old tops into beautiful, stylish dolly clothes in the hottest style trend out now 🙂 


Today’s post is a ranty post.  Not really pattern related, exactly.

Tumblr has been winding down as far as doll stuff goes, but I keep posting stuff there.  About a year ago the ‘chat’ function was rolled out for Tumblr, which I don’t like because I can’t opt out of it.  The asks notification is already dodgy and I sometimes don’t get a notification until I do, and then see there’s like 4-5 in there which are all undated so I don’t know how old they are.  The chat function is worse.

The chat function is where the porn bots play.  And I tried to be responsive to chats, except they start off with things like “Hi” or “Do u have a minute?” and me being nice, if I see that pop up I say something like “Sure” and then… well, then I find out I’m not talking to a person who needs sewing or doll advice.  I’ll spare you the details.  And I suspect responding to one message put me on some kind of list of possible marks.  So I don’t even check that anymore. 

And now the porn bots have invaded Flickr, which is where I keep most of my photos.  They use some kind of thing where they don’t tag you (I have tags turned off) but they mention you in comments which automatically sticks their, uh, ‘pictures’, in my Flickr feed.  Do I see questions & comments on my photos, or responses to comments on friends photos anymore?  Nope.  Not a bit.

Facebook… so far the worst I get is friend requests from people with porn-y profile pictures.  And the stuff that gets posted in groups before mods clean it up.  But honestly?  I mind that the least because it doesn’t interfere with me being able to help people and answer questions.  The other things, I either get punished by trying to be responsive, or I’m made to look unresponsive because the actual stuff I need to respond to is hidden under a pile of pornbot spam trying to sell me things or infect my computer with viruses.  

I can’t really comment about instagram, twitter, or any of the other social media networks I’ve signed up for to check out, but don’t use.  Assume they’d have similar issues.  Because they’re EVERYWHERE.  And trying to be responsive to people you don’t personally know as a result of pattern stuff opens me up to way more of this crap than I’d deal with as just a person.

So… if there’s a point to this, it’s that if you contact me, Please Please Please do it through Etsy messages, Facebook messages at Requiem Art Designs, leave a comment here, or email if you have my email.  I can only guarantee that I will see it, and be able to respond through those methods.  

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This week: Cold Shoulder for 11.5″ fashion dolls (classic, tall, petite, & curvy)

Barbie Cold Shoulder sewing Pattern

Curvy Fashionista Barbie Cold Shoulder sewing pattern

The Classic/Tall/Petite version and the Curvy version may look different, but they’re the exact same pattern!  This is one of those patterns that has so many options, and you can sew it with so many fabrics it’s impossible to illustrate all of the combos in the demo outfits (unless I was going to take a few weeks to sew them all for each one) so I just used different options in each.