So many things!

Thursday is my busiest day of the week.  All that last minute Friday pattern stuff.  I’m also hosting a party tomorrow and I had to cook for it.  So having 2 contests and 2 new ones begin also… it’s been a long day ^^;

First!  Winners!  The drawing for the monthly giveaway winner is Ebmerc, who picked the houndstooth dress from the PS Convertible Mini Dresses pattern.  May’s franken-fashion challenge winner was Dragonlady, and you can see hers and all the other awesome entries HERE. Congrats to both!

Second!  New stuff!  The patterns that will be eligible for June’s giveaway can be seen HERE and will be updated as new patterns are added.

There’s also going to be a new challenge this month: June Bride

June Challenge!

Looking back, I don’t think May is a good time to do a contest.  There’s just SO MUCH going on in May: the school year’s winding up, all the spring chores need to be done inside & out.  It’s hectic.  I had a lot of people unable to do May’s challenge, and not a lot of entries, so I figured why not do another one? 

Mixing it up with prizes this time, too: about a pound of fabric, in scale/square inchage to suit the preference of the contest winner!  This will be selected from my carefully assembled dolly fabric stash going back >10 years. This will be an especially good prize for people who don’t have local fabric stores and have a hard time getting good doll-scale prints.  Or at least I hope it will be!

And to try to encourage people to get started NOW, you can pick up any patterns you might need for the contest using JUNEBRIDE17 for 10% off all orders over $10–but only for the first week of June!  Ends 6/7. 

Mini Dresses for Medium 11.5″ Fashion Dolls + Curvy

This week’s pattern comes in 2 flavors!

Convertible dresses for Barbie-sized gals
Convertible dresses for curvy Barbie sized gals

Why 2 sizes?  Because the base dress is very fitted and is a 1-part dress in non-stretch material.  If you get both patterns and look at them side by side, you’ll be like “Oh wow” by how different they are, vs a simple dress that is free at the hips where all you need to adjust is the waist. 

  Both patterns have all the same fun options to swap around between the dresses and are super fast to sew!  No sleeves or collars, so really easy and beginner friendly, too.  You can check both out now in the shop

(And don’t forget about this month’s giveaway and contest!)

PS Convertable Mini Dresses

PS Mini Dresses

When I was a kid, I wanted a Barbie that had a dress that was made up of pieces that according to the commercials and the box, said you could rearrange to get over 100 different looks.  I got her, and then spent a very frustrated afternoon trying to figure out all the different ways.  I think I hit 18, and that was by getting frustrated and doing desperate things by turning her tutu (which could also slide down to her ankles and turn her cocktail dress into a mermaid dress) into a scrunchie for her hair and counting that as another look even though the only way it looked was utterly ridiculous.

It was one of those things that stuck with me as liking the idea of, but not so much the execution–at least in that circumstance!  Can you get over 100 different looks with this pattern?  No.  You can get 5 different ways to finish the bustline (which can be combined in different ways) as well as 3 detachable skirts to layer or leave off the basic dress.  I’m sure I could work the math to come up with a ridiculous yet correct number, but let’s just leave it at “many.”  Enough to satisfy inner or actual children 😉

This is also a VERY EASY pattern!  You can sew up the basic dress in 15 minutes or less on a machine.  No fiddly sleeves or collars, nice machine-friendly quilting cotton.  So, y’know: check it out in the shop, and if you get it before the end of the month, maybe win a demo dress 🙂