Thus far, each Monster High size has an equivalent Ever After High size, but they do it differently. Monster High has “adult” and “kid sister” sizes, while Ever After High has “Tall” and “Short” sizes. For Monster High, everything is scaled up or down, and in Ever After High, the dolls have the same torso/heads but different arm and leg dimensions. As a result, Ever After High dolls can share clothes more easily amongst themselves at all sizes, and Monster High dolls cannot. Clothes can be shared between the two brands with varying success.

In general, Ever After High dolls have more realistic, thicker bodies and limbs, and a shorter torso. For a more in-depth discussion about the differences between bodies, you can read my blog post about it, here.

Monster High Comparisons
Ever After High Comparisons
Monster High vs Ever After HighMH-EAH Boys
Monster High vs Ever After HighTall vs Not as Tall
Monster High vs Ever After HighShorty vs Shorty

General differences:

  • MH/EAH boys can’t share anything except shoes.
  • MH dolls have detachable forearms and hands.  EAH dolls only have detachable hands.
  • All EAH female dolls can share clothes, except for pants.
  • MH boys and adult females can share most clothes, but not shoes
  • MH regular size dolls and all size EAH dolls can share shoes.
  • Each MH doll can generally steal clothes from the next size up, but not the next size down, though clothes will be baggy.

And, because I can:
Monster High Isul comparisonEver After High & Taeyang/Namu Body comparison

MH boys and Isuls can share clothes…reasonably.  Despite the height differences, the bodies are similarly sized, MH boys are just longer.

EAH boys and Taeyangs can share clothes!   Most measurements fall within .5cm of each other.  EAH boys are a bit girthier in the arms and legs, and have slightly shorter legs.  Unfortunately, neither doll has much in the way of readily available clothing.

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  1. Thank you so much for all the new info! I really appreciate all the work you’ve done. This is so helpful for finding clothes (and patterns) to fit Isul…and my new Taeyang. 🙂

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