My Little Pony Customs

My Little Ponies were the first toys that got me heavily into customizing. I preferred them to Barbies when I was a kid, and started picking up beat-up old ponies to customize, then in 2003 the new line of ponies came out. I liked the design of the new ones better than the old ones, and you can’t beat $5–if you mess up, you lose $5. There’s a lot to be said for working with something you don’t have to worry about destroying, it makes it a lot easier to take risks, and risks pay off.

Way, Way more ponies can be found here: Custom Pony Galleries

There are lots of different kinds of ponies. I started off recreating all of my favorite childhood ponies in the new pony design.

Then I started making my own designs. My favorite styles were Fairytale-related and Halloween type costume/monster ponies, as well as mer-ponies with beautiful sculpted tails.

Sculpting was the end of me. Once you start, it’s hard to go back to regular pony designs. Eventually I started getting into things that didn’t really look like ponies at all!

Ponies are fun, but most of the fun is in making them. They’re ornamental, they can’t do much except sit on a shelf after you finish them. That doesn’t mean I’m not still tempted to do a pony or two from time to time.