Almost if not more infamous than the dolls themselves!

The dollhouses are 3 massive 64″ tall shelves my husband and I built from lumber that I have been working on pretty constantly since 2005 in decorating and detailing. This is where my dolls ‘live’ and is the backdrop for the pic-fic, All My Pullips. And it’s pretty fun to make by itself… always a work in progress.

Pirate BarBath sideKitchen close-upLiving room close-upNightshade's BedHimemiya's Lamp w/Himemiya




Ash’s Mansion is the biggest. It only houses 2 people, but it has 9 rooms: The Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Valentine’s room, Ash’s room, Ash’s Lab, Prison, Armory, and Pirate Bar.

Nightshade’s Lair was built when Nightshade finally stopped mooching off of Ash and got her own place. It is composed of the false business front “Studio 34”, Nightshade’s office, Nightshade’s Room, and the Minions’ Barracks.

The Apartment Complex
solved the problem of all the other secondary characters who didn’t have spaces of their own. Not everyone gets their own room, but most at least have somewhere they can hang out.

Frankie's BedroomPenny's sofa, treadmillPenny's BedKitchen TableKitchenette Chocolate Shop Details