The Dress is in the Details!

Contest time!

Pretty much what the picture says!  I know a lot of people I talk to either want to learn to sew, or sew better as a new years’ resolution, so why not add a little extra incentive?

In January 2017, sew a dress for one of your dolls in PS, M girl, or Slim 1/4 size.  You can use a pattern or pattern pieces from the shop, but you don’t have to!  Just do your best.  Make sure to spend a little extra time tweaking your dress with lace, ribbons, beads, embroidery, bows, flowers, and anything else that seems like a good idea!

Once you’re done, take a picture (just one!) that you think shows off your design best and send it to me.  You can post a link to the dress in the comments, send it to me on facebook (@RequiemArtDesigns) or send it in an Etsy message to the shop.  Just make sure to get it in before 01/31/2017–and if you’re trying to figure out the exact minute, I’m east coast time.

Then once I get all of the entries together, there will be a poll for each of the three size categories until 02/07.  The winners of the polls will get a free copy of every pattern released in their size until 2018!

Yay!  What’s not to like?  Now go get sewing 🙂


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