New stuff!

I wanted to announce these at the beginning of the month, but for some reason no one believes anything when you post it on April 1st haha 🙂

Remember Pattern Subscriptions? I’ve offered them in a couple of different sizes before, but for a while I’ve only had them in PS size. Since the beginning of 2017 I’ve pretty consistently released PS, Medium Girl Fashion Doll, and 1/4 Slim MSD/16″ Fashion Doll patterns at a rate of at least 1x month, so I feel pretty confident in offering these sizes as subscriptions now.

BUT WAIT THERE’s MORE! You can also get a pattern subscription with mail service. It’s more expensive because I have to go to the shop and get them printed out and then mail them individually as they’re released, which costs about 5.50/pattern (more than the cost of the actual pattern!) but for people who like the new print service and want a surprise coming in the mail every month, this should be fun 🙂

And then there’s this:

Free stuff every month!

As long as this doesn’t go horribly wrong, this will be a new monthly thing. I make a ton of doll clothes as I develop my patterns, and for the most part my dolls never use them again. So I figured, why not give them away?

Every pattern that has at least 1 week of release in a month (so April’s giveaway patterns will start with last week’s Pullip Pattern) will be included in that month. Then I do a drawing at the end of the month and the winner gets a free outfit mailed to her/him!
If you buy a pattern on the first day it’s released, you get 3 entries
If you buy a pattern within a week of it’s release, you get 2 entries
If you buy a pattern within that pattern’s giveaway month, you get 1 entry
If you are a pattern subscriber, you automatically get 3 entries for each pattern released in the size you are subscribed to!

Winners will pay for shipping. Partly because this could get expensive (esp. if there are a lot of international winners) and partly so that if someone doesn’t really want the outfit they won they will decline it and it will go to someone who does. If someone declines a pattern, I’ll give them a 10 entries to be used on any pattern/patterns of their choice in the next month’s drawing.

I hope this is going to be as much fun for all of you as I think it will be 🙂

New Banner!

New banner!  I could only fit around half the dolls I make patterns for ^^;  But that’s a good thing, right?

You may have also noticed a new dolly up there: Fashion Royalty!  Let’s get a nice closer look:

Fashion Royalty Poppy Parker 16" Silver ShineOh la la!  I’ve been getting a lot of questions about 16″ American type fashion dolls.  I have a Tonner Ellowyne Wilde body, which is about the same size and shape as a Fairyland Minifee.  Tonner also makes some other doll sizes, as does Fashion Royalty (which are a match for some of the other Tonner doll bodies I don’t have), so I figured I’d pick up a FR gal.  Poppy Parker 16″ Silver Shine caught my eye, so here she is!

While she has a slightly narrower waist/hips and skinnier limbs, she is surprisingly similar to the other dolls in this size.  Close enough that this dress fit without any over/underlap of the already fitted velcro back closure!  Fitted pants and sleeves will need to be taken in a smidge, but most patterns don’t involve pants, tights, or fitted sleeves.  For her to turn out to be close enough that pre-sewn clothes for another doll from one of my patterns fit so incredibly well was a lovely surprise!

I *am* working on getting more dolls in other brands, but I have to be restrained and wait for sales/secondhand dolls.  These dolls aren’t as expensive as BJDs, but they’re still plenty costly enough to eat most of my shop sales ^^;

Petite Slimline Regency Dresses

Petite Slimline Regency Dresses on Etsy

OOooooo Pretty!

Ok, this week’s pattern is up in the shop!  This one has a ton of different options, and took a while.  When you get it and read the instructions, you’ll probably figure out pretty quickly why it took a while ^^;  It’s not hard, but there’s 5 different variations for the top and 4 different variations for the skirt with all of them outlined in the pattern.

Usually, getting the final pattern pieces drafted out is the hardest part for me, but this time the hardest part was how to lay out all the pieces and write up the instructions so that the end result would be understandable.  And just writing up the instructions and revising it until everything was clear, organized, and would (I hope!) make sense to a fairly new sewer took 5 hours.  Wasn’t expecting that!

I’m going to go lie down now.  My brain is tired -.-

Layerables for Medium Fashion Dolls

This week I present to you:

Layerables for Medium Fashion Dolls!

Layerables for Medium Fashion Dolls!  Yay!  As soon as I put out teaser pictures for this in PS size I started getting requests for it in Medium Girl size.  This has all the options of the PS size one, and I tried to sew up some different demo pieces and use knits where I could to show some more of the options available.  This is a seriously many-optioned pattern set, so there’s a lot!

One thing this pattern does not do is fit Curvy Barbies 🙁 I know–with most of the patterns, a couple of extra cut lines is all that’s needed, and it fits curvy gals.  That’s because most of them are fitted at the waist and free at the hips, and Curvy Barbies have the most variation from other fashion dolls in that zone.  Since this pattern has a lot of pieces that are fitted throughout, that doesn’t work.  Every pattern piece except the turtleneck collar piece needs to be adjusted.  I can totally do that, it’s just going to have to be in a just-for-curvy-dolls exclusive.

Enjoy 🙂  These layerables patterns are really getting me psyched for my own wardrobe change into long sleeves and layers 😀

Medium Fashion Doll Summer Dresses

Summer Dress for Medium 11.5" Fashion Dolls on Etsy

A summer dress pattern in October?  Am I MAD?!

(yes.  but)

This pattern is called the “Summer Dress” because that’s what I called the original one when I released it in Petite Slimline size.  I could have called it “Lolita Lite” or something like that.  Besides.  Dolls don’t get cold.

Despite how fancy it looks, this is a very basic (and therefore easy to sew!) pattern.  There are two ways to get cloth to follow the contour of the body, either by sewing darts or by having asymmetric seams.  You need to use more pieces with asymmetric seams, BUT then you can do things like color block and add in ribbons and lace inset in the seams.  These things look really impressive in a final outfit, but don’t take hardly any extra work.

So depending on how fast you sew and how many bits you add, you can sew up one of these dresses in 15-30 minutes.  Less time than a pair of dolly pants!  Fancy, fast & easy!  What’s not to love?

Check it out in the shop, and have a great weekend!