The Cold Shoulder for PS dolls!

This week’s pattern is… the cold shoulder.

This is such a crazy trend right now that when my husband saw it on my to-do list, he was like “Good, you should do that.  Everyone’s wearing it!”



I was a little freaked out. 

Brr so chilly :)

So here it is, and you can now get it in the shop!

Me and off the shoulder styles have never gotten along very well.  Any style that needs a strapless bra is usually more trouble than it’s worth, so I was really excited about the cold shoulder styles until I tried them on.  I have yet to find one where the hole lines up with my shoulder!  Either it’s doing something weird with my collarbones and showing off my bra straps or it’s half way down my arm.  I never knew shoulder width was such a variable measurement among us gals!

Vicarious fashion to the rescue!  After sewing up a few of these for my gals, I’m quite in love with this style again <3

PS Bikinis & Underwear

PS Bikinis & Underwear

This week’s pattern has been long requested!  While I’ve done elaborate lingerie in the Cabaret pack, a lot of people wanted more styles with a focus on casual underwear styles… which coincidentally are about the same as beach styles, depending on the fabric you use. 

Therefore, in this pack, you can find 7 different styles of top, 3 different styles of panty, as well as leggings and tights.  AND, if that wasn’t enough variety, I also included stretch and non-stretch pattern pieces so you can do all the different top and panty styles in whatever kind of fabric you want! 

I also tried something new in this pattern that I may or may not keep doing depending on feedback: I included two sets of the pattern, at 100% and 125% size to help out the folks who have trouble resizing at home.  So if you find this unnecessary or totally awesome, let me know 😉

Mother of Dragons Pattern

PS Mother of Dragons

I love costuming.  It’s way more fun than sewing casual clothes, and one of the main benefits of sewing for dolls.  Super cool fabric $30 or more a yard?  Hard to justify for a one-off outfit for me, but when you only need 1/8 yard to make a whole dress (or several) for your dolls… Yes, please! 

So just in time for Halloween sewing, I’m giving in to the biggest costuming request I get: GOT fashions.  This set is based off of Dani’s dragon-riding styles. Like all of my patterns, super versatile: you can sew the keyhole cutout on the peaked-shoulder, high-collar option or any other combination of sleeves, necklines, and hemlines you can think of. The front skirt opening is also completely optional, if you want a more traditional dress with these options.


Dolly Jackets!

Recently I asked people what kind of patterns they’d like to see on the Facebook page.  There were a lot of requests for jackets (and for 1/3 dolls, which is why I did that size last week), so I tried to see what I could do to accommodate!  As an unexpected result, I ended up with TWO patterns for this week:

Pour Femmes

Pour Hommes


I know, I said I wasn’t doing those anymore.  However, I never said I wasn’t doing unisex patterns anymore!  When I started out this pattern, I thought I’d be able to do that: Back when I did the Letter Jacket/Hoodie pattern, it worked equally well on guys and gals.  But that was using stretchy jersey fabric to make clothes that aren’t supposed to look especially tailored.  The boy patterns technically fit the girls (not quite so well vice versa), but they don’t look right.   If I wanted to make a bunch of jacket patterns that really looked good on boys and girls, I’d have to make pattern sets for boys and girls.  I didn’t realize this until Thursday morning or so, which suddenly tacked on an extra day or so of work late in the week, which is why instead of publishing on Friday morning like usual, I pulled about 12 hours on Thursday, Friday morning, and then published mid Friday.

(And a couple of extra hours setting up this shot.  I couldn’t help myself)

Zombie Shake

So you can pick that up along with the Girl Jacket pattern in the shop!  It comes in 3 different styles with 2 different lengths.  Enjoy 🙂

New design in PS Size: Meido

Meido aka Maid Cafe type Lolita uniforms

This week’s pattern is one I’ve been wanting to do, but also kind of avoiding doing for a while!  Lemme explain:

I love black and white combos.  I have to actively add color into my own wardrobe because if you present me with two dresses, one being black and white and one being color, I will almost always go for the black and white one.  I don’t know why, I just do.  I LOVE color and brightly colored things, but there’s something about black and white combos that seems so perfect.  Black by itself is boring, and white by itself is boring, but together? Perfection!  So obviously I have a thing for any kind of dress, suit, or uniform that takes advantage of this combo.  At the top of that list is the iconic, often-reinvented, classical European maid uniform!

So that’s the part about where I love it.  Here’s the part where I hate it: do a search for ‘maid outfit’ and you’re going to get results that are 98% either lingerie or sluttified Halloween costumes.  Not really the kind of thing I’m into making patterns for.

BUT I’ve been watching some anime lately, and it’s reminded me of the Japanese meido obsession which has more of a focus on cute than sleazy.  It’s like Maid x Lolita style.  In fact, structurally this is essentially a classic lolita dress pattern with a lacy underskirt, ruffled dress with poofy sleeves, and blousey/pinafore layering options.  Do it up in pastels prints and you’ll have a knockoff sweet lolita Baby the Starts Shine Bright type fashion! 

Another fun thing about the Meido pattern is that you can absolutely swap around pieces with patterns like High Fashion (sew the dress with a ruffled collar, high sleeves, and use the wide waistband instead of the narrow one for the pinafore, for example) or pop the pinafore over the Wa Loli or Qi Loli dresses for instant traditional Japanese or Chinese x maid styles (also totally a thing!).  And of course, you can use the lacy, layering-friendly bodices from the Drndl pattern under the dress instead of a blouse top, or swap pinafores with the Looking Glass Lolita pattern for a slightly more ruffly Alice type lolita dress. 


Check it out in the shop and enjoy!