Kimono-fabric hunting NYC trip!

Easter is a big family holiday, but for some reason when it coincides with April Fools, my family is less than insistent that I show up.  I kind of have a reputation. 

For maybe the same reason, my husband has started taking up the habit of keeping me away from home and anywhere I might have been able to set up shenanigans ahead of time on 4/1.  I’m fine with that.  I like travel, and IMO it just makes shenanigans more challenging and rewarding if you have to make one work on the go! 

This past weekend, we went to NYC.  I live about 2 hours from NYC in no traffic, but I never casually go there.  If I get my timing right, I can get there in a do-able 3.5 hours, and if not, it’s more like 5.  Traffic time is never easy time. So I don’t go to NYC unless I can think of a damn good reason involving something that makes that kind of time commitment and an overnight stay worthwhile!  And I totally, totally did:

Kimono House in Manhattan

This is Kimono House, an actual kimono store in the US! Woah.  I honestly never even looked to see if there was one, because I assumed no.  Some reviews have them only selling kimono, some reviews have them selling kimono and kimono fabric. Continue reading


Today’s post is a ranty post.  Not really pattern related, exactly.

Tumblr has been winding down as far as doll stuff goes, but I keep posting stuff there.  About a year ago the ‘chat’ function was rolled out for Tumblr, which I don’t like because I can’t opt out of it.  The asks notification is already dodgy and I sometimes don’t get a notification until I do, and then see there’s like 4-5 in there which are all undated so I don’t know how old they are.  The chat function is worse.

The chat function is where the porn bots play.  And I tried to be responsive to chats, except they start off with things like “Hi” or “Do u have a minute?” and me being nice, if I see that pop up I say something like “Sure” and then… well, then I find out I’m not talking to a person who needs sewing or doll advice.  I’ll spare you the details.  And I suspect responding to one message put me on some kind of list of possible marks.  So I don’t even check that anymore. 

And now the porn bots have invaded Flickr, which is where I keep most of my photos.  They use some kind of thing where they don’t tag you (I have tags turned off) but they mention you in comments which automatically sticks their, uh, ‘pictures’, in my Flickr feed.  Do I see questions & comments on my photos, or responses to comments on friends photos anymore?  Nope.  Not a bit.

Facebook… so far the worst I get is friend requests from people with porn-y profile pictures.  And the stuff that gets posted in groups before mods clean it up.  But honestly?  I mind that the least because it doesn’t interfere with me being able to help people and answer questions.  The other things, I either get punished by trying to be responsive, or I’m made to look unresponsive because the actual stuff I need to respond to is hidden under a pile of pornbot spam trying to sell me things or infect my computer with viruses.  

I can’t really comment about instagram, twitter, or any of the other social media networks I’ve signed up for to check out, but don’t use.  Assume they’d have similar issues.  Because they’re EVERYWHERE.  And trying to be responsive to people you don’t personally know as a result of pattern stuff opens me up to way more of this crap than I’d deal with as just a person.

So… if there’s a point to this, it’s that if you contact me, Please Please Please do it through Etsy messages, Facebook messages at Requiem Art Designs, leave a comment here, or email if you have my email.  I can only guarantee that I will see it, and be able to respond through those methods.  

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NYC Fabric shopping spree!

My birthday is this week, so we did something I’ve been wanting to do for a while: raid the fabric shops of Manhattan’s Garment District!

Like many cities, NYC has a lot of neighborhoods with distinct specialties.  A little bit south of Times Square is the Garment District, where most of the fashion industry is located.  Not ALL of it, but quite a lot so the stores in the area cater to it.  TONS of massive fabric bazaar type stores where you basically have a room filled with rolls of fabric, like so:

Another place

I’ve been really hankering for some interesting fabrics.  Interesting textures, colors, etc.  Most of the ones I have I’ve already used, and while I like the “Cosplay by Yaya” fabrics that have been showing up at Joannes, I’ve noticed that they are replacing some of the weirder selections that I used to find.  I like weird sh*t. I find it inspiring. 

Also, I’ve been searching every damn fabric store across three states as well as the internet to get my hands on some brown vinyl/pleather.  You’d think that would be easy to find, with all the steampunk fashion out there, but nope!  All the brown stuff is fake suede, or weathered leather.  I want nice, supple, brown calfskin type fake leather.  I figured if there was ONE place I’d find it, it would be NYC.  And I did, but only after like, the 8th store. 

The other awesome thing to be easily found in the garment district and not so much anywhere else, is TRIM!

Whole stores dedicated to trim

so much trim

Ok, sure, you can actually find tons of trim in any fabric store.  But how much of that trim is doll-scale friendly?  Not so much! WHOLE STORES with nothing but spools of trim.  Ribbon, lace, cord.  OMG.  I came out of this store with a very small bag, but it was a very small bag full of yard and yards and yards of tiny goodness!

The drawback is that most of the fabrics in these stores, while great for runway haute couture and wedding gowns…not so great for casuals, or doll clothes.  But that’s OK, I still found a few gems, and I look forward to using them in upcoming designs.   And if I need more… I can always go back ūüėČ

If you want to see more fabric store pics, I uploaded a whole bunch into a Flickr Album

Hascon 2017 (Part 1)

I took a crapton of photos, so I’ll be splitting this up into a few posts!

Hascon 2017

I was pretty excited about HASCON.  I’m not a big con person, but I liked the idea of this because if Hasbro has its own convention, giving each of its properties space, then in theory, they each have a lot more creativity than if they were all crammed into a Hasbro booth at another convention like SDCC.  And they totally did.  My favorite part by far was the Marvel Legends booth, where they had some gorgeous resin 3D printers going live as they printed up stuff on them.  The resin printers look like something out of an 80s evil scientist B horror movie, with beds of liquid resin being constantly swished around figures that are slowly emerging from the gooey depths.  I <3 them.  But more about that later! Continue reading

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A mini rant

You may have seen my post from last week about customizing a Halo figure.¬† I’m probably going to do a couple more.¬† Why?


So before I picked out the figure I wanted to customize, I read a bunch of reviews and looked at a lot of pictures about sizes, poseability, etc.¬† As a customizer, I’m a whore for articulation.¬† The little blue guy is from the first line of Halo 3 figures back in 2009, the green one is from the 10th anniversary¬† Halo 2 sculpt later on.¬† The blue guy isn’t supposed to be as good quality, and has less advanced articulation, like a swivel toe joint instead of a ball joint in the toe.¬† He’s still able to stand on one leg while holding the other guy’s head in one hand up in the air.¬† He’s only 5″ tall!

2009.  MSRP $12

It took over 10 years for US toy makers to realize “oh, girls like to be able to pose their dolls too” after the Japanese poseable dolls became so popular over here, and while I love my articulated Monster High dolls, they’ve got nothing on this.¬† The new Made To Move Barbie?¬† She can get into some of the same poses, but she isn’t balanced enough to stand on her own. The new DC Super Hero Girls can stand on their own with the aid of big, flat feet and bigger, flatter shoes, but aren’t nearly this poseable, either. It’s not a matter of “the technology wasn’t available,’ or ‘this kind of articulation won’t stand up to play,’ either.¬† Bullshit.

GI Joes?¬† Forget the ones from the 80s, I mean the original ones from the 60s-70s: Exactly the same size as a Ken doll, but instead of 5 meager points of articulation, they also had ball hips, ball necks, knee, ankle, waist, swivel biceps, elbow, and wrist articulation.¬† They also came with fully removable clothes and different outfits and accessories… that’s right, just the same as a Barbie doll.¬† They’re all dolls.¬† I don’t care if you call one an action figure to make it OK for boys to like them without spontaneously turning gay, they are all dolls.

Let’s put it this way: The new super articulated giant 18″ Monster High dolls are less articulated than a 12″ GI Joe from the 1960s. It’s 2016.¬† Studies have shown that boys are encouraged to interact with and explore their surroundings through their toys from infancy.¬† Girl toys do the opposite. Girl toys have come a long way, but they still have a LOT of catching up to do, and a hell of a lot further to go before ‘equal’.