Mori Girl Fashion for PS size!

“Mori Fashion” is the newest pattern in the shop!

It’s a fashion genre of Japanese origin that combines things that are hardest to do in miniature: draping and layering.  It’s really cute, “forest girl” which is like vintage x boho done in neutral earthy tones and small scale floral prints.  Google Image “Mori Girl” if you’re not familiar with it. Here it is in doll size:

Mori Girl Doll clothes pattern

I’ve gotten a few requests for this one, but it’s one of those styles I’ve let simmer on the back-brain-burner for a while.  I don’t know how many other people are like this, but there are some problems I can’t figure out directly.  Give them 100% of my attention is less effective than letting it sit in the periphery for a couple of days or weeks or even months.  Eventually, I’ll have that “AHA” moment and I’ll be ready to go.  It’s like when you wake up with a snappy comeback for a conversation that’s been over for days (or  years), but slightly more useful 🙂

For mori fashion, the trick is not so much the pattern–which is pretty basic–as much as the instructions on how to fake the draping and which parts could support real layering vs fake layering.  There’s a lot of real layering in this pattern!  So much that I thought it would be a good idea to take a picture of the clothes off the dolls to show the bits that are covered up when they’re dressed:

Mori style dresses

Nice! If you ever find yourself at some point sewing this, thinking “would that be too much ruffles/lace?” the answer is no. Heck, I’m writing this, looking at the picture, thinking “hmm, I should have added more white lace above the green ruffle at the bottom of the dress.”

This is also a pattern that works really well with other patterns.  Like the peasant blouses from the 70s Hippy pattern, the blouse from High Fashion, or the gypsy skirt from the EGL dress pattern.  I also tried sticking the white skirt under the Vintage/Lolita outfit I have on Ashlynn, and it both supported her skirt structurally and the extra lace at the bottom really made it pop!

Mori & other clothes

That’s all for this week!  Remember, the theme for March’s Challenge is GREEN, and that’s a core color for mori girls  😉

Medium Boy Suit Pattern

Suits for Medium Boys (EAH, Taeyang, Ken)

This week’s pattern was a sponsored pattern (if someone has a desperate need for a pattern, they can commission one for exclusive use or sponsor one for much less but it also goes into the shop for general purchase).  Medium Boy dolls can now show off their style with this suit pattern, which also works as a EAH backgrounder type pattern!

This pattern is both similar and different to the School Uniform pattern, but the only pattern that is shared between them is socks.  Clothes in the suit pattern are a bit more detailed  (there’s 3 pages of pattern pieces in this pattern compared to 1.5 pages of pattern pieces in the school uniform pattern) while clothes in the school uniform are simplified for ease of sewing.  Even the tie patterns are different: the tie pattern in school uniform is like a clip on tie while the suit pattern is an actual tie you have to knot around the doll’s neck! 

If you have both you can certainly swap pieces between them, like if you want to add a blazer to your school uniform, or if you have a material you want to make into a shirt for a suit that’s a little on the thick side or hard to work with the school uniform shirt would be easier to sew. 

Cupcake Lolita Dresses for Petite Slimline

Petite Slimline Cupcake Lolita

Valentine’s day is in less than two weeks, so I wanted to do a pattern that was super ruffly and cute! 

This pattern could also be called ‘layering lolita’ because it’s designed to layer pieces, but that didn’t sound as cute 😉  The blouse has been designed to be as un-bulky as possible to make it easier to sew in the chunky collars and not interfere with the fit of things layered over it. The wide waistband of the skirt (which can be worn as an underskirt) is designed to compress the blouse fabric around the waist so that the pinafore dress can be worn over both without the doll starting to look chunky through the torso. 

There’s also new sleeve, collar, and skirt styles in this one that you can swap around with other Lolita fashion packs like High Fashions, Princess, Meido, and Looking Glass.  Like this dress but want the high ruffled collar of High Fashions?  Just use pattern pieces from that pattern with this one.  Prefer one of the bodices in the Princess pack, but want this type of skirt?  You can combine them no problem.  

You can also get creative and do something like layer the skirt in this pattern over the long skirt in Victorian Steampunk to make a bustle. 

I know.  SO much awesome, the brain starts to stutter 😉

Anyhoo, you can pick it up now in the shop

Pajama Pattern

This week all over the world places that don’t get snow have gotten snow.  Places that get snow have also gotten snow, and a cold snap that is…unusually cold!  Basically, this is the kind of week that you just do not want to get out of bed.  But you have to, because life.

(But dolls don’t)

Time for some vicarious fashion!  The new Pajamas pattern is a set of front-closing, collared pajamas in warm and cold weather versions.  There’s also fitted (blue) and loose (pink) cuts, and smooth/simple and notched collars.  I thought it would come out to be difficult because of the collars, but it’s actually been way easier to sew these collars than round collars on back-closure shirts! 

In a somewhat related note, the Pajama Party Mega Pack is going to be revised sometime soon.  It’s a double sized pattern that actually has enough completely unrelated patterns in it to make 3 pattern sets (Athletic & Sleepwear raglans, Babydoll dresses & PJs, and a genie harem girl set).  BUT the problem is, it’s got so much stuff in it, people don’t know about the patterns that aren’t on the cover and keep asking for things like Babydolls and genie harem pants.  So y’know, if you’ve been wanting it, get it before it’s split up!

TTFN and stay warm everyone!


Happy 2018!

All the items in the shop have been reset.  Time to start a new horse race!

The most popular individual pattern this year was… Slim 1/4 Regency!  Woah, total upset!  PS has lost the crown!  But that’s OK because the most popular pattern (including copies sold with multi packs) was PS Rococo & Hime Lolita

Here are the top (individual) patterns by size:
PS: High Fashion
P: Regency
MS: Basics
M Girl: High Fashion
T: Overalls
Slim 1/4: Regency
Curvy 1/3: Basics 2
Chibi:Simply Cute
S Boy: School Uniform
M Boy: School Uniform
L Boy: Basics
1/12 Action Figure: Trench Coats

And the least popular pattern is…
Tied between Petite Cocktail Dresses and 1/12 Action Figure Leather Jackets & Lab Coats  (Sad trombone sound)

Given that the difference between the most/least popular Action Figure pattern was 3, it’s not that much of a surprise.  It’s a new size, and I was not sure how willing dudes who customize would be to pick up a needle and thread (turns out not very!)  Come on, it’s the 21st century.

The P pattern isn’t that big of a surprise either.  While there has been an increase in people sewing for Disney Descendants dolls since the decline of Ever After High releases, this is still the least popular established girl size and the people who sew for it usually sew for Blythes.  I have probably seen Blythe in more clown costumes than I’ve seen her in cocktail dresses.  So why did I make that pattern?  Because I hadn’t seen Blythes in cocktail dresses, and I figured they needed some 😛

It’s taken a while to have enough patterns to notice, but tastes of doll collectors varies hugely between sizes.

PS collectors love nichey fashion, especially anything X Lolita, probably because that’s how Monster High and Ever After High are designed: they’re the first doll lines where each doll has a specific fashion style. 
P is more vintage/period costume
M is more mainstream girly and fancy dresses
T is cute kid stuff
Slim 1/4 is elaborate dresses

The other sizes I haven’t done enough patterns to notice trends.

My most pleasant surprise was how well the “High Fashion” pattern set did across the sizes!  Just about every other pattern I’ve done because of requests or current fashion trends, but High Fashion was the only pattern that was all me.  If you want to know what my personal ‘perfect outfit’ looks like, that’s it!

So…Happy New Year everyone!