New stuff!

I wanted to announce these at the beginning of the month, but for some reason no one believes anything when you post it on April 1st haha 🙂

Remember Pattern Subscriptions? I’ve offered them in a couple of different sizes before, but for a while I’ve only had them in PS size. Since the beginning of 2017 I’ve pretty consistently released PS, Medium Girl Fashion Doll, and 1/4 Slim MSD/16″ Fashion Doll patterns at a rate of at least 1x month, so I feel pretty confident in offering these sizes as subscriptions now.

BUT WAIT THERE’s MORE! You can also get a pattern subscription with mail service. It’s more expensive because I have to go to the shop and get them printed out and then mail them individually as they’re released, which costs about 5.50/pattern (more than the cost of the actual pattern!) but for people who like the new print service and want a surprise coming in the mail every month, this should be fun 🙂

And then there’s this:

Free stuff every month!

As long as this doesn’t go horribly wrong, this will be a new monthly thing. I make a ton of doll clothes as I develop my patterns, and for the most part my dolls never use them again. So I figured, why not give them away?

Every pattern that has at least 1 week of release in a month (so April’s giveaway patterns will start with last week’s Pullip Pattern) will be included in that month. Then I do a drawing at the end of the month and the winner gets a free outfit mailed to her/him!
If you buy a pattern on the first day it’s released, you get 3 entries
If you buy a pattern within a week of it’s release, you get 2 entries
If you buy a pattern within that pattern’s giveaway month, you get 1 entry
If you are a pattern subscriber, you automatically get 3 entries for each pattern released in the size you are subscribed to!

Winners will pay for shipping. Partly because this could get expensive (esp. if there are a lot of international winners) and partly so that if someone doesn’t really want the outfit they won they will decline it and it will go to someone who does. If someone declines a pattern, I’ll give them a 10 entries to be used on any pattern/patterns of their choice in the next month’s drawing.

I hope this is going to be as much fun for all of you as I think it will be 🙂

And the winners are…!

Ok, I have also closed the other two polls early.  There were some shenanigans in the “M” sized category votes, and apart from the fishy votes, voting had pretty much tapered off to 1-2 votes a day.

As I was going through the PS sized polls, I noticed that the entries with the irregular votes ALSO had the highest disproportion of votes from people who only voted for one person, and of the votes that I was CERTAIN were ‘fake’ votes, 100% voted for no second person.  Remember, everyone was supposed to pick 2 entries.  It said it right at the top of every poll, right next to the link to the entries.

In the Petite Slimline category, 144 people cast votes for 2 entries, and 132 voted for only 1 entry.
In the Medium Girl category, 140 people cast votes for 2 entries, and 110 people voted for only 1.
In the 1/4 category, 125 people cast votes for 2 entries, and 60 people voted for only 1.

But how do you control for people willfully ignoring the rules vs people not reading the rules?  This IS the internet after all.  Therefore, I pulled up a previous poll that had a similar gimmick, but no prize associated.  On that poll, 63 people cast two votes, and 5 people only voted once.

This makes me a very sad panda.

Fortunately, there are some tools I can use that let me count votes only from people who cast 2 votes.  These are the people that followed the rules, and as the single-entry voters were not following the rules, their votes were thrown out.  This did affect the rankings, so I didn’t think it would be fair to let them stand.  Therefore, I’m selecting winners by the same method as the PS girl category: by creating a lottery where everyone gets the amount of numbers they got as votes from people who followed the rules. For example, if entry #1 gets ten votes, they got #1-10, if entry #2 got 5 votes, they’d get #11-15, etc and then I put the total # into a random number generator. This gave people who had more votes cast for them a higher chance of winning, but everyone still had a chance.

While the events of this contest hasn’t put me off future contests (I see no reason to punish all the awesome people for the actions of a few) I won’t be doing voting contests in the future.  Everything will either be totally random or I’ll do the picking.

Now that all that is out of the way, onto the winners!

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Cheating on a doll sewing contest? REALLY?

I just made the decision to close the PS voting poll.

I’ve tried to keep the votes as fair as possible by advertising them far and wide and giving people 2 votes per person so that even if their first vote is biased, the second one shouldn’t be.  But despite the lack of a cash prize or anything of value to anyone who doesn’t sew, people just can’t behave.

I’ve kept a pretty constant eye on the polls.  Partly out of curiosity, but party because I know it is possible to rig a poll, and I wanted to make sure that didn’t happen.  When I noticed votes jumping for only one person by ~5 votes at a time with no one else getting any votes multiple times since the contest started, I decided to check the voting logs.  Why yes, I CAN do that, and I know how.

Cheating Logs

You’ll have to look at that picture in BIG version, but you’ll notice how the votes are clustered with multiple votes coming in per minute, all from the same server, with only very slight differences in IP.

So the voting has been ended prematurely.  Here’s what I’m going to do now: I’m going to go through the votes for each poll and if I see anything fishy (like the above) that person is going to be disqualified.

From the remaining entries, however many votes someone got is the # of entries they’ll get into a number I’m going to feed into a random number generator.  It will go by Entry #, so if entry #1 has 12 votes, they’ll get #1-12, and if entry #2 has 5 votes, they’ll get #13-17, etc.


As long as I don’t see any shady activities in the other two poll sizes, voting will continue as it was supposed to.  I’m not sure exactly how long it’s going to take me to go through all the votes and do the data crunching, but probably at least a few hours so please standby.

The Dress is in the Details: Voting time!

So many entries!  Now, what may seem confusing is that there are some entries that may not look like they’re in the right category: for example, the 17″ Barbie is in the Slim 1/4 MSD size–that’s actually where she fits!  There’s also a couple of hybrid dolls (dolls with type A head and type B body) and Pullips in multiple categories–as a doll that is often rebodied and has had multiple body sizes over time, she’s all over the place, size-wise.  The rule was whatever size you enter, you can use the patterns for, so I let people self-sort.

Ok?  Ok.  Now very simple instructions for the voting:

Step 1: Head over to the Flickr Album for all of the entries for that category.

Step 2: Each picture is given an entry #.  Write down the numbers of your TWO favorites (so if you vote for your own entry, or are voting for a friend’s entry, pick another that you like as well!)

Step 3: Vote!

(Repeat for each category!  Poll runs for 1 week, to February 7th)

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Contest Entries In (almost!)

With a few hours to go, I’ve assembled all the entries I have so far into a couple of flickr albums here:

If you entered, please check you’re in there!  I’ve gotten somewhere around 40 entries, and I think I’ve been pretty good at keeping track of them all, but that’s still a lot of entries to keep track of.

Voting will start tomorrow 🙂

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