April theme & bonus contest!

April challenge/contest!

Why am I suddenly kimono crazy with the recent wa-loli patterns and going to a kimono shop in NYC? 

‘cuz I’m going to Japan!  I’ve got a whole folder of doll-and-fabric shopping tips set up and I’m super, super excited. 

So help me get even more excited with this month’s challenge: Kimono!

If you post an outfit you made using a pattern from the shop in the Facebook group this month, there will be the standard pattern-winning-raffle but ALSO the kimono I like the most will win the maker my personal fabric shopping service while I’m in Tokyo and Kyoto.  I like to tailor my prizes to something that will be useful to the prize winner, so depending on the doll size preference the prize will be fat quarters or yards (about the same amount of fabric in total either way) in the color/style preference of the winner (traditional, kawaii prints, etc).  The only thing the winner will have to pay for is shipping the fabric to her/im after I get back to the US!

And remember–there are LOTS of different kind of kimono, and you don’t have to go traditional!  You can make a lolita style frilly kimono with the wa-loli pattern or make a steampunky kimono using unusual fabrics and decoration.  As long as it’s recognizably some kind of kimono, it counts!  So have fun, and I look forward to seeing every single entry 🙂 


New way of doing Contests

New facebook group for giveaways

The general feedback I get with contests isn’t “Wow great prizes” so much as “Thanks for an excuse to finish that project/get out my sewing machine!”

So with that in mind, instead of running ‘contests’ in the traditional sense, I started up a new Facebook Group: Doll Clothes Sewing with Requiem Art Designs.

  • Post stuff you make using at least parts of a pattern, and you get entered into the monthly drawing for a free pattern of your choice.
  • You get an extra entry into the drawing if your entry is in the theme of the monthly challenge (February is “Ruffles”)
  • You can get another extra entry by posting your entry on Instagram and tagging me (@RequiemArtDesigns) so that I see it.
  • At the end of the month, I take the list of entries and random draw a winner who gets a pattern of their choice from the shop for free!

But at the same time, this is also a group where you get to show off things you’ve made and get feedback, and look at things people have done with the same patterns to get ideas.  I think that will be especially helpful for people who have trouble visualizing what you could do with a pattern, or how to combine different parts from different patterns to get a totally new look. 

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Contest Entry voting time!

Entries are in! Go voteVOTING TIME!

Pick your favorite combo from the entries for it to become the 2018 Fan Favorite discount bundle!  To vote, just go to the Requiem Art Designs Facebook page and like the entry or entries you like best.  I will only be counting likes of people that follow Requiem Art Designs (to cut down on vote fraud).  Hopefully this will go smoothly and the winner will be announced on Monday 🙂


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First Contests of the New Year!

If you’ve been following me for a year, you’ll know that I LOVE to do events after the holidays end!  It’s nice to have something to look forward to in those long, dark, cold months besides distant spring. 

So let’s get started!


Contest A 'Coming...

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