Regency dresses for Petite Dolls

Regency dresses for Neo Blythe et al

This week’s pattern is Regency dresses for Petite gals!

Here it is, June, and I haven’t done a single Petite sized pattern this year!  Yeesh.  Along with the usual, two lengths are included in this: short and tall.  The Hasbro-made dolls (descendants & princesses) are a lot taller than Blythe/Licca/Skipper/Pure Neemo dolls.  And this elegant long dress comes just in time for the June Brides contest, too!

Happy Canada Day & (early) 4th of July!

This week, I celebrate my 100th pattern!  WOOHOO!  Which one is it?  uh… both:

Petite Girl Simply Cute Pattern

Chibi Simply Cute Pattern

Since this is a pretty easy pattern and has been fairly popular, I put one together in Petite Girl size for Blythes, Licca, Disney Descendants, etc. But, since I also happen to have a KikiPop doll on loan while I did some facial repairs, I did one for her, too! I know there aren’t many outfits out there because of her weird proportions, but if there is a demand for it I’m happy to make more Chibi sized clothes 🙂

Have a fun weekend everybody! Don’t blow anything up you don’t mean to 😉

Friday Pattern: Petite Girls Basics for Neo Blythe, Pure Neemo, Licca, Hasbro Disney Princess & Descendant dolls, etc.

Petite Girl Doll Clothes Pattern Basics for Neo Blythe, Licca, Vintage Skipper, Hasbro Disney Descendants and Disney Princesses on Etsy

I think the reason it took me this long to make a Basics pattern for the Petite sized dolls is that I thought I already had!  This is consistently one of the most popular patterns, style wise.  Nothing fancy, but everyone wears this.  It’s like the unofficial uniform of the human race at this point.

Anyhoo, like with all the other basics patterns, the T & pants come in super simple beginner friendly versions as well as more complex detailed versions that will make experienced sewers happy 🙂  You can get it on Etsy and (soon if not already on) Craftsy!

Friday Patterns: 80s Punk Rock

This week I got together the Punk Rock pattern in 2 sizes: Medium and Petite!

80s Punk Pattern for Medium Fashion Dolls

First we have it in Medium Fashion Doll size.  This is the ‘standard’ 11.5″ fashion dolls size popularized by Barbie that most other standard fashion dolls like Disney Princesses (ones made by Mattel and the Disney Store editions) and some of the Fashion Royalty higher end dolls.  This is my 4th pattern in this doll size, so yay!  I know Barbie is like the only doll that always has fashion packs available, but fashion pack clothes are… pretty crappy  ^^;

80s Punk Rock pattern for Petite Fashion Dolls

Second is the Petite Fashion Doll size.  This size is getting a lot dolls added to it as the new Hasbro doll lines (Disney princesses and Disney Descendants) happen to be almost perfect matches for Blythes and similar existing dolls in that size (Licca, vintage skipper, pure neemo)!  Sweet!  Disney Descendants, by the way, have joints and removable hands in all the same places MH dolls do, though the Disney Princess line is much less articulated, and the dolls that are articulated don’t have removable hands 🙁  Oh well.

The Blythe doll is wearing the same tutu over miniskirt the dolls in the other sizes are wearing, but instead of tulle, it’s done in an opaque synthetic.  What a difference a fabric change makes, huh?

While adapting a pattern to a different doll size is slightly less work than doing a whole new pattern, I’m not sure if it’s enough less work to be able to fit 2 adapted patterns in a week.  I’d like to keep this up on weeks I’m not doing something completely new, but we’ll see!  In the meantime, enjoy 🙂


Friday PatternS: QiPao for Medium and Petite fashion dolls!

Medium Girl QiPao on Etsy

PetiteGirl QiPao on Etsy

Because this isn’t an uber complicated pattern and I really wanted to get more out before the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations, I present to you this week TWO patterns!

The Petite Doll version is pretty similar in options to the Petite Slimline version I did last week, just with different proportions (duh).

The Medium Doll version is a bit different.  Barbie shoulders are proportionately much broader and don’t slope nearly as much as the other two doll sizes, so combing front and back dress pieces to make a no-sew shoulder option was impossible due to the back piece of the dress crossing the median (fold line) of the front of the dress.

Reading that probably made your eyes glaze over.  Sorry about that.  However, this was the only size that was big enough for me to consider doing a brocade demo dress out of (see the pretty black one with red designs?  oooo!) which means it was already a lot easier so the simplified version stops being so important.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy!  I do love this style of dress; it’s very timeless and flattering to many different body types.