April theme & bonus contest!

April challenge/contest!

Why am I suddenly kimono crazy with the recent wa-loli patterns and going to a kimono shop in NYC? 

‘cuz I’m going to Japan!  I’ve got a whole folder of doll-and-fabric shopping tips set up and I’m super, super excited. 

So help me get even more excited with this month’s challenge: Kimono!

If you post an outfit you made using a pattern from the shop in the Facebook group this month, there will be the standard pattern-winning-raffle but ALSO the kimono I like the most will win the maker my personal fabric shopping service while I’m in Tokyo and Kyoto.  I like to tailor my prizes to something that will be useful to the prize winner, so depending on the doll size preference the prize will be fat quarters or yards (about the same amount of fabric in total either way) in the color/style preference of the winner (traditional, kawaii prints, etc).  The only thing the winner will have to pay for is shipping the fabric to her/im after I get back to the US!

And remember–there are LOTS of different kind of kimono, and you don’t have to go traditional!  You can make a lolita style frilly kimono with the wa-loli pattern or make a steampunky kimono using unusual fabrics and decoration.  As long as it’s recognizably some kind of kimono, it counts!  So have fun, and I look forward to seeing every single entry 🙂 


Happy 2018!

All the items in the shop have been reset.  Time to start a new horse race!

The most popular individual pattern this year was… Slim 1/4 Regency!  Woah, total upset!  PS has lost the crown!  But that’s OK because the most popular pattern (including copies sold with multi packs) was PS Rococo & Hime Lolita

Here are the top (individual) patterns by size:
PS: High Fashion
P: Regency
MS: Basics
M Girl: High Fashion
T: Overalls
Slim 1/4: Regency
Curvy 1/3: Basics 2
Chibi:Simply Cute
S Boy: School Uniform
M Boy: School Uniform
L Boy: Basics
1/12 Action Figure: Trench Coats

And the least popular pattern is…
Tied between Petite Cocktail Dresses and 1/12 Action Figure Leather Jackets & Lab Coats  (Sad trombone sound)

Given that the difference between the most/least popular Action Figure pattern was 3, it’s not that much of a surprise.  It’s a new size, and I was not sure how willing dudes who customize would be to pick up a needle and thread (turns out not very!)  Come on, it’s the 21st century.

The P pattern isn’t that big of a surprise either.  While there has been an increase in people sewing for Disney Descendants dolls since the decline of Ever After High releases, this is still the least popular established girl size and the people who sew for it usually sew for Blythes.  I have probably seen Blythe in more clown costumes than I’ve seen her in cocktail dresses.  So why did I make that pattern?  Because I hadn’t seen Blythes in cocktail dresses, and I figured they needed some 😛

It’s taken a while to have enough patterns to notice, but tastes of doll collectors varies hugely between sizes.

PS collectors love nichey fashion, especially anything X Lolita, probably because that’s how Monster High and Ever After High are designed: they’re the first doll lines where each doll has a specific fashion style. 
P is more vintage/period costume
M is more mainstream girly and fancy dresses
T is cute kid stuff
Slim 1/4 is elaborate dresses

The other sizes I haven’t done enough patterns to notice trends.

My most pleasant surprise was how well the “High Fashion” pattern set did across the sizes!  Just about every other pattern I’ve done because of requests or current fashion trends, but High Fashion was the only pattern that was all me.  If you want to know what my personal ‘perfect outfit’ looks like, that’s it!

So…Happy New Year everyone! 


Regency dresses for Petite Dolls

Regency dresses for Neo Blythe et al

This week’s pattern is Regency dresses for Petite gals!

Here it is, June, and I haven’t done a single Petite sized pattern this year!  Yeesh.  Along with the usual, two lengths are included in this: short and tall.  The Hasbro-made dolls (descendants & princesses) are a lot taller than Blythe/Licca/Skipper/Pure Neemo dolls.  And this elegant long dress comes just in time for the June Brides contest, too!

Happy Canada Day & (early) 4th of July!

This week, I celebrate my 100th pattern!  WOOHOO!  Which one is it?  uh… both:

Petite Girl Simply Cute Pattern

Chibi Simply Cute Pattern

Since this is a pretty easy pattern and has been fairly popular, I put one together in Petite Girl size for Blythes, Licca, Disney Descendants, etc. But, since I also happen to have a KikiPop doll on loan while I did some facial repairs, I did one for her, too! I know there aren’t many outfits out there because of her weird proportions, but if there is a demand for it I’m happy to make more Chibi sized clothes 🙂

Have a fun weekend everybody! Don’t blow anything up you don’t mean to 😉

Friday Pattern: Petite Girls Basics for Neo Blythe, Pure Neemo, Licca, Hasbro Disney Princess & Descendant dolls, etc.

Petite Girl Doll Clothes Pattern Basics for Neo Blythe, Licca, Vintage Skipper, Hasbro Disney Descendants and Disney Princesses on Etsy

I think the reason it took me this long to make a Basics pattern for the Petite sized dolls is that I thought I already had!  This is consistently one of the most popular patterns, style wise.  Nothing fancy, but everyone wears this.  It’s like the unofficial uniform of the human race at this point.

Anyhoo, like with all the other basics patterns, the T & pants come in super simple beginner friendly versions as well as more complex detailed versions that will make experienced sewers happy 🙂  You can get it on Etsy and (soon if not already on) Craftsy!