1/3 Convertible Mini Dresses pattern

Mini Dresses for the big gals!

This week’s pattern is Convertible Mini Dresses for the curvy 1/3 dolls: DD, Smart Doll, and a bunch of BJDs with more curvy proportions like the lovely Fairyland F60 pictured above! 

This pattern has been pretty popular in the other sizes I’ve done it in: It’s quick, it’s versatile, and it’s a lot of fun.  There’s something about being able to mix and match looks, and the fact that you don’t have to make a whole new dress for each look is a huge time saver!

Variations for size in this pattern include bust size (self explanatory) and thigh gap (!?!!)  Yeah, I was pretty surprised too!  But look at the comparison chart I did:

60cm BJD doll comparison chart

See, the Dollfie Dream Sister?  Her thighs are wider apart than her hips for some reason.  Not the kind of measurement a girl usually takes, you know?  They can pivot inward so the knees get slightly closer together, but those upper thighs man, they are just super wide and stay that way >.<  So to make sure clothes fit her, a variation was included that makes the skirt part below the hips a little wider.  I want clothes made from my patterns to fit ALL THE DOLLS!  (or at least as many as possible)

I hope you enjoy it!  The core dress only takes about 15 minutes to sew up: about as fast and easy as a sock dress, but infinitely classier 🙂

Qi Loli Pattern for Slim 1/4 MSD & 16″ Fashion Dolls

Slim MSD Qi Loli pattern

This week’s pattern is the Qi Loli dress in 1/4 Adult Girl size

I really like how the demo dresses in this set came out!  The prints I used were just a little to big to be used 12″ and smaller dolls, which is a shame because they look spectacular. 

PS-  Since there isn’t a week left in July, this will be the first pattern release eligible for August’s free outfit drawing 😉

Chibi School Uniform

Private School: Chibi Sized!

The chibi size has become a little more popular recently, probably because kikis are becoming less rare as more dolls are made! So this week, here’s a nice wardrobe basics pattern: Private School Uniform

I also have gotten my hands on a Fairyland Realfee and can confirm that although they’re a bit shorter, they’re about the same size.  Things like socks obviously won’t work between them, but I’ll deal with that when I get there. It’s not like the other sizes don’t have a bunch of variations.

Realfee in Chibi Private School Uniform

So here’s the deal with Realfees (since they come with so many body parts): When they have human legs, they’re slightly shorter and have slightly narrower hips, though still pear shaped.  When they have non-quadroped animal lower halfs (bunny, satyr, mermaid) the hips widen to be just about a perfect match to the realfee.  So far, both the patterns I’ve done are only fitted to the waist and free at the hips because skirts and dresses and bloomers are all pretty roomy down there, so you can pop them on either doll no problem!

Combo Breaker: Fantasy Tops

Slim MSD Fantasy Tops

I tried REALLY hard to get the Qi-loli pattern in 1/4 size for today but it just wasn’t happening.  Some patterns take longer than others, and when you have as many variations as is in the Qi-loli pattern, you have to sew that many more test demos to make sure everything is just right, and then you have to carefully decorate them and make sure you DON’T smear the fabric paint (and then cry softly on your desk after you do, because then you get to start all over again…)  I started the Medium girl size a week and a half before it was released, and the PS size weeks and weeks before it was released, so… not a huge surprise, but still disappointed.  And pretty burned out from trying.  I’ll have it out for next month’s 1/4 size pattern.

So instead, here’s one of my reserve patterns: Fantasy Tops!

Fantasy Tops is a commissioned pattern from someone who wanted some clothes that would be friendly to the current fad of half-human dolls (satyrs, centaurs, mermaids, etc).  It’s a basic set of tops in the style you’d find at a renaissance fair with a lot of detachable options to give a more whimsical flair, from a basic all-purpose babydoll skirt (just long enough to cover a human doll to mid thigh, or just go past the hips of a centaur or mermaid!), a layered petal skirt for fairie type fashion, or a split-front, hi/low single or multiple layered skirt that looks like lingerie on a human doll or drapes elegantly across the back and front legs of a centaur.