Curvy 1/3 Simply Cute

1/3 Simply Cute Pattern

Down to the wire this week!  I was going to do something else, but had to come up with something last minute when plan #1 turned out to be way, way more complicated than I expected.  I went into Thursday barely closer to a finished pattern than I was on Monday ^^;

That’s the problem with the big dolls: at this size fabric physics do a shift so things that don’t work in ALL THE OTHER SIZES I sew for start to work (like linings) so patterns that are already tricky in tiny size become exponentially more difficult. 

…But not this one!  That’s why it’s called “Simply Cute”.  Friend came over with her daughter and I made her daughter’s Wellie Wisher (a size I don’t sew for) one of these dresses in 15 minutes after she picked out fabric–and that includes taking the measurements and doing the math for a new doll!  Whenever people ask what to start with, if they want casual clothes I point them towards “Basics” and when they want girly stuff I point them to “Simply Cute”

Check it out in the shop & enjoy!

1/4 doll pattern: Looking Glass Lolita

Slim MSD Looking Glass Lolita pattern

I had lots of fun with this one!  Usually I swear my head off most of the time I’m developing a pattern (think regular sewing is frustrating?  developing is ALL errors!) but this time I just kept thinking “OMG so cute!” 

Like the other sizes, Looking Glass Lolita is a simple, fast-sewing pattern that gives you a result that looks like you spent way more time and effort on it than you did.  Enjoy, and have a lovely weekend!

(Pattern linky)

Chibi Sized Looking Glass Lolita pattern!

Looking Glass Lolita in Chibi size!

Being a 5-Friday month, there is one extra alt-size pattern this month and this is it!  Looking Glass Lolita for Chibi Dolls

Chibi dolls being Kinoko Juice, Kikipop, and Fairyland’s Realfee with or without animal legs/tails. 

I also went to Hascon today!  Hascon is the convention Hasbro started for all of their toylines.  It was pretty big, and it was pretty awesome.  I have lots of pictures, and will post them and do a con writeup later.

50s Swing dress pattern for Slim MSD dolls

50s Swing dresses for Slim MSDs

This week’s pattern is both old… and new!  The thing with miniature sewing is that the rules change depending on size, style, and fabric.  At PS-M size, this style of dress can’t have a true circle skirt.  I tried, it’s just too short to make that dainty bell shape with or without a petticoat underneath.  Gravity has no effect, no matter how carefully the fabric is chosen, so the pattern shape has to be carefully made to give the ‘look’ of a classic circle skirt without actually being one. 

At Slim MSD, a doll only 4″ taller than M girls, it starts to work.  Just a few inches makes all the difference!  So while the finished dresses of this size look pretty similar to the smaller sizes, if you open up the pattern and look at the pieces, you’ll be surprised!

But that’s exactly what I like about making patterns for tiny things: each pattern is a puzzle, and I have to figure out how to put the materials together in just the right way to get the picture I want in my head 🙂

So go check it out in the shop!  The top can be finished 7 different ways, so you’ll get a lot of different looks out of this one.  It also has a lovely foofy petticoat that you’ll surely get lots of use out of with other outfits!

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1/3 Convertible Mini Dresses pattern

Mini Dresses for the big gals!

This week’s pattern is Convertible Mini Dresses for the curvy 1/3 dolls: DD, Smart Doll, and a bunch of BJDs with more curvy proportions like the lovely Fairyland F60 pictured above! 

This pattern has been pretty popular in the other sizes I’ve done it in: It’s quick, it’s versatile, and it’s a lot of fun.  There’s something about being able to mix and match looks, and the fact that you don’t have to make a whole new dress for each look is a huge time saver!

Variations for size in this pattern include bust size (self explanatory) and thigh gap (!?!!)  Yeah, I was pretty surprised too!  But look at the comparison chart I did:

60cm BJD doll comparison chart

See, the Dollfie Dream Sister?  Her thighs are wider apart than her hips for some reason.  Not the kind of measurement a girl usually takes, you know?  They can pivot inward so the knees get slightly closer together, but those upper thighs man, they are just super wide and stay that way >.<  So to make sure clothes fit her, a variation was included that makes the skirt part below the hips a little wider.  I want clothes made from my patterns to fit ALL THE DOLLS!  (or at least as many as possible)

I hope you enjoy it!  The core dress only takes about 15 minutes to sew up: about as fast and easy as a sock dress, but infinitely classier 🙂