Leather Jackets for Babs & co

Leather Jackets

This week, it’s the much asked for Jackets pattern in Medium Girl size!  Yes, this fits all the current fashionista bodies as well as the new strong WWE/WW bodies (as you can see from Becky Lynch rocking her new steampunk jacket to complete her outfit!).  If you’d like to see it on Curvy, there’s a shot of it on her in the shop listing.

It does NOT fit Medium boys.  I’m per-emptively saying that because I know someone will ask!  It comes down to shoulder width.  PS has puny, narrow shoulders.  P boys have broader shoulders than PS, but not as broad as M girls.  M girls do not have shoulders as broad as M boys.  Because this is loose fitting, JUST IN CASE I even tried the jacket on Hunter, but it wouldn’t go up past his meaty biceps. 

S Boy, M Girl, and M Boy are all roughly the same height, so you can’t enlarge/shrink the jacket (or any other pattern) to fit the shoulders without throwing the fit off for the rest.  I wish it was that easy!  But the size system exists for a reason.  Unless it’s a super loose pattern (like the cloak pattern) or designed for really stretchy fabric, you’re never going to get a good fit on a doll not in the same pattern size without having to modify the pattern.

Enjoy everyone, and have a great weekend!

Happy 2018!

All the items in the shop have been reset.  Time to start a new horse race!

The most popular individual pattern this year was… Slim 1/4 Regency!  Woah, total upset!  PS has lost the crown!  But that’s OK because the most popular pattern (including copies sold with multi packs) was PS Rococo & Hime Lolita

Here are the top (individual) patterns by size:
PS: High Fashion
P: Regency
MS: Basics
M Girl: High Fashion
T: Overalls
Slim 1/4: Regency
Curvy 1/3: Basics 2
Chibi:Simply Cute
S Boy: School Uniform
M Boy: School Uniform
L Boy: Basics
1/12 Action Figure: Trench Coats

And the least popular pattern is…
Tied between Petite Cocktail Dresses and 1/12 Action Figure Leather Jackets & Lab Coats  (Sad trombone sound)

Given that the difference between the most/least popular Action Figure pattern was 3, it’s not that much of a surprise.  It’s a new size, and I was not sure how willing dudes who customize would be to pick up a needle and thread (turns out not very!)  Come on, it’s the 21st century.

The P pattern isn’t that big of a surprise either.  While there has been an increase in people sewing for Disney Descendants dolls since the decline of Ever After High releases, this is still the least popular established girl size and the people who sew for it usually sew for Blythes.  I have probably seen Blythe in more clown costumes than I’ve seen her in cocktail dresses.  So why did I make that pattern?  Because I hadn’t seen Blythes in cocktail dresses, and I figured they needed some 😛

It’s taken a while to have enough patterns to notice, but tastes of doll collectors varies hugely between sizes.

PS collectors love nichey fashion, especially anything X Lolita, probably because that’s how Monster High and Ever After High are designed: they’re the first doll lines where each doll has a specific fashion style. 
P is more vintage/period costume
M is more mainstream girly and fancy dresses
T is cute kid stuff
Slim 1/4 is elaborate dresses

The other sizes I haven’t done enough patterns to notice trends.

My most pleasant surprise was how well the “High Fashion” pattern set did across the sizes!  Just about every other pattern I’ve done because of requests or current fashion trends, but High Fashion was the only pattern that was all me.  If you want to know what my personal ‘perfect outfit’ looks like, that’s it!

So…Happy New Year everyone! 


This week: Cold Shoulder for 11.5″ fashion dolls (classic, tall, petite, & curvy)

Barbie Cold Shoulder sewing Pattern

Curvy Fashionista Barbie Cold Shoulder sewing pattern

The Classic/Tall/Petite version and the Curvy version may look different, but they’re the exact same pattern!  This is one of those patterns that has so many options, and you can sew it with so many fabrics it’s impossible to illustrate all of the combos in the demo outfits (unless I was going to take a few weeks to sew them all for each one) so I just used different options in each. 

Medium Girl Winter Coats

Did you know I have THREE winter coat patterns in PS size and NONE for Medium?  OMG!  That had to be fixed! 

So here’s fix #1: Winter Coats.  Because it’s November, and because this is probably the best coat pattern.  Frock Coats are niche-y, and while the leather jacket pattern is spectacular, sewing with vinyl or thin pleather isn’t for someone who just started sewing.  This one you can sew up in a half hour or so, is newbie friendly, and has a ton of different collar/hood/cape options.

It also is fully compatible with the animal bits from the Hoodie pattern, should you want to make a pink catgirl lolita coat with fluffy white trim, ears, a tail, and bell fastening at the collar. 
….Why yes, that was oddly specific 😉

(also, Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans–I’ll be celebrating too, but there will still be a pattern on Friday!)

New size variant: Strong! & Undies for 1/3 BJDs

"Strong Girls" doll size pattern up

First pattern is the “Strong Girl” size!  When Wonder Woman dolls came out, everyone was like “Oh, they’re slightly less articulated DC Super Hero girls” so I didn’t pick one up.  Nope, that is also a new body that is almost identical to the new WWE dolls.  I suspect that these dolls were designed by the same people who did the DC Super Hero girls because the aesthetic is the same, but THE PROPORTIONS ARE NOT.

As I was putting together a size chart, I was like “hey, these look familiar”.  Turns out… she’s very similar to Barbie.  For the measurements that matter most in the torso, they’re almost the same.  She has a slightly deeper uh… panty? Crotch? whatever that makes Barbie pants slightly too tight in the seat/hips, and super muscular thighs/calves that make them way too tight in the legs unless they’re loose or flared.  Also, the shoulders and biceps are huge so non-stretch sleeves don’t work.  Otherwise, stuff works. 

If you’re reading that last bit and thinking “….so nothing works” nope!  Not at all.  Here’s the patterns that should work great for the new gals with zero mods: QiPao, Kimono, Looking Glass Lolita, 50s Swing, Simply Cute, Super Stretch, Convertible mini dresses, Summer dresses, 80s Punk, Private School Uniforms, Rompers, Convertible mini dresses. (Some of these patterns have sleeves, but they are loose sleeves)

Here’s the list of patterns that work perfectly with zero mods if you use the sleeveless version of the pattern, or if you widen the sleeves (or sleeve cuff, for puffy sleeve dresses): Vintage suits, Salwar/Angarkha, Rococo, Renaissance, 60s Mod, High Fashion, Regency, Hoodies, QiLoli, Princess dresses.

Here’s the list of patterns that won’t work: Basics (deeper seat/fitted through leg& arm), Bikini/Underwear (because of deeper seat for panties), Layerables (big feet won’t work with tights)

In addition to this Basics pattern being just right on Strong ladies, it also outlines the differences, what kind of clothes will work and what kind won’t. and how to tweak patterns to fit. (Should you be eyeballing any patterns other than mine for your dolls, the same tweaks will fit)

Going forward, “Strong” will be a variation that Medium sized patterns will have alternate cut lines for if needed, just like the Curvy, Petite, and Tall sizes.


1/3 BJD DD Smart Doll undies

Second pattern is Curvy 1/3 girls Bikini & Underwear.  This was slightly more popular in the facebook poll I ran, but I’ve been doing a lot of these so I was going to do the other pattern and do this one next month.  Then I realized the Strong Girl size wasn’t going to take nearly as much work, so I did both!

Yeah yeah, take advantage of it, the holidays will be here soon and I’ll be late with everything 😛