11.5″ Fashion Doll Kimono

Medium 11.5" fashion doll Kimono

For those of you expecting a ballgowns type pattern this week… nope!  Ballgowns are BIG patterns and take a lot longer than regular patterns. Instead, I decided to usher in spring with kimono, invoking images of cherry blossoms and early spring flowers

…as I was forced to give up precious pattern time to go out and shovel snow after that damn storm this week.  This is the worst time of year: the time of year you’re just so done with winter, and you get occasional warm days and a couple of flowers starting to poke up through all the dead and you start to get your hopes up and then BAM! Blizzard, and more snowstorms yet to come 🙁 

Anyway, Spring is still coming, even if it is not here yet.  So why not get started with some lovely kimono for your dolls?  This pattern fits all the different new Barbie type bodies, and a few different variations so you can make festival-wear yukata and elegant formal furisode kimono too!

Princess Mega Pack for Medium Sized Fashion Dolls

Two weeks in a row?! Well that’s because I had my schedule set out before I knew what the contest winner was going to pick for last week’s pattern.

My all-time top dress pattern now in Barbie & co size

This is the same pattern as the Petite Slimline Princess Mega Pack #1.  This is my all time #1 dress pattern, and with the Fancy Dress contest finishing at the end of the month, I thought a few more dress patterns would be useful in the sizes the contest is running for :3

This has all the same mix ‘n match options as the original: 3 tops, 4 collars, 3 sleeves, and 5 skirts!  Check it out now in the shop 🙂

First pattern of 2017!

The winner of the 2000th Review Raffle requested this style for Medium-sized fashion dolls, and as a fan of suits myself I was happy to oblige!

Vintage Suits for Barbie sized dolls

While I knew that this style of suit had been around since at least the 1950s, I would NOT have guessed the 1920s!

(I research the history/culture behind patterns I do)

When Coco Chanel introduced the style, it was completely revolutionary for women’s clothing.  The skirt was a little longer, coming to the knee, but though two world wars, major cultural revolutions, it has remained.  The fabrics and accessories change with the trends, the hems raise and fall in different combinations, but it has always stayed in style!  Pretty cool 🙂

Enjoy, and let me know if you like it!  I can always make it for other dolly sizes 🙂

Observations on MH/EAH reboots

I’ve mostly avoided talking about the reboots to the Monster High and Ever After High lines because my personal opinion doesn’t really have anything to do with what happens.  I’ve noticed that just because a fandom is vocal about something doesn’t always mean it’s the right way to go (like a large amount of people demand boy patterns but they sell very poorly).  I figured time would show whether the new dolls were bringing more or less to the fandom.

It’s been about a year since the reboot hit the news, and about 6 months since it’s been almost exclusively ‘new’ type dolls in the stores.  Here’s what I’ve noticed:

  • Monster High & Ever After High sections have shrunken to 1/2-1/4 the size they were last holiday season this holiday season
  • People selling off their entire collections on Facebook fan groups at the rate of rats leaving the Titanic, selling once rare dolls for less than new ‘value line’ dolls.
  • Almost all of the MH/EAH focused blogs I follow on Tumblr are inactive or post <1x/wk
  • Pattern sales for PS size dropped off significantly around the time the reboot dolls took over in stores
  • I haven’t had a single person ask me why a pattern doesn’t fit a new doll (the value line dolls don’t have removable hands, but since their hands are still oversized like the regular dolls, they can’t wear any clothes with sleeves.  Thus why all the clothes they come in and new fashion packs are sleeveless)

The first one… ok, maybe sales were already falling, thus the reboot.  This is probably the case, but I think the reboot sped things up vs reversed it.  Toy stores are very responsive to sales reflected by the shelf space they allot, and the speed of shrink in the second half of the year was much greater than the speed of shrink at the beginning.

The second one could just be an increase as a result of the collectors who don’t like the reboot and new collectors not liking the older type dolls, so supply/demand.  Doesn’t necessarily mean no one’s buying the new dolls, just that old collectors aren’t so much.

The third one… ok, Tumblr blogs go inactive all the time.  People move to whatever the new social media platform is, or lose interest.  But I followed around 2 dozen doll blogs, and have only added 1 new one in the last year.  My Tumblr feed is slowly becoming nothing but cute animal pics ^^;

The fourth: Sales drop in the summer anyway, but they usually pick back up by the holidays. I added over 50 new patterns this year from the same time last year (a little under 100 patterns vs around 150 patterns), but holiday sales were barely 5% higher than last year.  Yikes.  Furthermore, in the first week of 2017, PS size patterns are not the most popular patterns.  This may change, but it’s still a huge disruption in trends.

The last point worries me the most.  I answer about 10 Etsy questions a day on all kinds of topics related to dolls and doll sewing.  I fully expected the first angry message about a week into the new dolls hitting the shelves (the first question is always angry.  All the rest will be normal/nice, it’s like some unwritten rule).  6 months later, still hasn’t happened.  People who sew for dolls are about half collectors and half parents/grandparents/other relatives sewing for or with the kiddos, so it is a logical extrapolation that no one asking means no one considers the new non-removable hand bodies ‘standard,’ so there isn’t much if any new blood.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to stop making patterns for the PS crew!  I am going to be making more for other doll sizes, but I’ve been doing that for a while now.  I was hoping that the DC Super Hero Girls would be picking up the slack, but it’s like Mattel forgot they were making them after the initial launch  almost a year ago ^^;