Cast of Characters

Ash Nero
Ash isn’t so much a ‘mad’ scientist as she is absolutely and utterly amoral. She enjoys pursuing ‘species improvement’ in her free time and makes her fortune in the weapons of mass destruction market. Brilliant and reserved, she tolerates all the goings-on in her home so long as all the unwanted moochers don’t interfere with her work. Or insult her fashion sense.  Ash is extremely cynical, and therefore, not much of a people person.

Valentine Panda
Valentine is naive and wholesome. She would never believe bad things of people she loves, and spends all her time taking care of people and doing good deeds. She is especially fond of animals, and puts up with Nightshade’s torments with good humor. She is almost too saintly to be believed, especially when you consider who her best friend is, and that there is often screaming coming from the basement.  This might make you ask yourself a lot of questions about Valentine. If you asked her, she would not answer them.

Nightshade Moon
Nightshade doesn’t know how she appeared in Ash’s lab, and can’t remember anything before that. She assumes she was trying to steal some of Ash’s weapons when she was caught, and continues to treat Ash’s laboratory as her own personal 5-finger discount warehouse.   Nightshade is bent on world domination and being the #1 supervillain, though much of her learning has been through self-help books and simulations.  She is constantly on the lookout for minions, henchmen, and funding.

Penny Candy
Penny Candy joined the FBI as a linguist until she can become a ‘full agent’. Like Nightshade, she has watched a few too many 007 movies and has a slightly skewed vision of how things work. She befriended Valentine in the hopes of getting Nightshade and Ash to further her ambition. This plan has been delayed due to extreme misfortune in her love life.


Obsidian ‘Lolita’ Fanatica
Ash’s cousin, who is as good at psychology as Ash is at science. She made her fortune by inheriting it from rich men with little girl complexes who all had unexplainable accidents after writing her into their wills. Obsidian loves causing trouble, and is particularly intent on screwing with Nightshade ‘the moocher’s evil plans for her own amusement.


Belladonna “Mini Moon”
Nightshade broke into Ash’s laboratory so that she could get herself a bunch of minions the quick and easy way–by duplicating herself. The result is one very small clone with severe ADHD whom Nightshade makes dress up as a cat and tries to pass off as a pet. Belladonna has a serious height inferiority complex and resents Nightshade for being ‘the big one’.


Eric Wolf
Eric Wolf was an android love doll Ash created as a prototype for a marketable ‘perfect man’. He is intelligent, sweet, handsome, and has many useful skills. The enterprise was a complete failure, leaving only Eric, whom Ash mostly uses as a lab assistant. Recently afflicted with humanity, Eric has been trying to ‘figure it out’. Most of his personality was left intact, so he still spends most of his time trying to make other people happy, but at least now he gets to pick who those ‘other people’ are.

Magma Nero
The head of the Nero clan, most of Magma’s time is spent overseeing the family’s financial empire. The rest of his time is spent searching for his ideal mate to continue his family’s legacy into the next generation: someone cunning, ruthless, and utterly amoral. Unfortunately the only person he’s found that meets his criteria so far is his cousin, Ash. He is constantly changing his appearance in hopes of finding something Ash will like, and there are no limits as to how far he is willing to go to get what he wants.

Saturn is an assassin from the future who has traveled back in time to prevent Nightshade from taking over the world by any means necessary. So far, little else is known about her, and she’d like to keep it that way…



Little Valentine is the product of a duplicate of the experiment that created Nightshade. V is the opposite of Belladonna: Intelligent, patient, and rational. Belladonna claimed her and hid her away before Ash and Saturn could perform any experiments on her. She tends to wear plushie outfits to disguise herself as a soft toy whenever in ‘dangerous territory’ (Ash’s mansion)


Officer Ravish
Christian Sawyer is a southern preacher’s son who goes by the stage name ‘Officer Ravish’. While he was growing up he often did good deeds for the widows in town and became something of a social trophy among the ladies. It was a natural step for him to become a male escort, and then a model, and then a stripper. He will do almost anything for money, though he is rather sweet otherwise.


A former ‘princess of the KGB’, Beressa was to be Nightshade’s first real henchman. However, before she could join Nightshade in the US, word went out on the street that she had been cancelled. Nightshade mourned for her as lost, but a bit prematurely. It turns out she was captured by Saturn, shrunken, and then saved by Belladonna and Mini-Valentine.


Pink is Nightshade’s body double, because all cool supervillains have them. While they don’t look very much alike, this might be attributed to Pink looking like how Nightshade thinks she looks (Nightshade has a somewhat skewed self image). Pink is a French model who took the job thinking it was an acting position, as she is desperate to break into American movies. Her English isn’t great, and she’s something of a bimbo.


Discord appeared after Beressa was cancelled, and offered herself to Nightshade as a henchman. She is organized, efficient, and intelligent, and no one can figure out why she wants to follow Nightshade.



Himemiya is jinn, enslaved to grant the wishes of whomever possesses her lamp. Valentine currently owns the lamp having bought it from the charity shop she volunteers at after the tragic demise of the previous owner. Himemiya despises the human race and enjoys twisting wishes to make humans more miserable. She has weakness for men of the bronze race.


Frank N. Furter
Frankie is an alien from the planet Transexual, in the galaxy Transylvania. Beressa recruited him to be Nightshade’s mad scientist. While he is undeniably brilliant, all of his genius seems to be centered around one thing.



Vertigo Street
Vertigo is part of a british freelancing mercenary duo. She loves ‘ultraviolence,’ Beethoven, liquor, stealing, more violence, and dressing like a nun. Her cockney accent sometimes makes her unintelligible.



Roxy is the other half of the british mercenary duo. She likes to think of herself as more of an intellectual (and certainly seems like one next to Vertigo), but whether this is true is up do debate.



Shadow is a cyborg mercenary. He is a former experiment of Ash’s, and is on pretty friendly terms with her as he is now practically indestructible. Shadow is very laid-back and self confident, perhaps overconfident. He never admits to any of his illegal activities directly, he always ‘may have’ been involved in something like that…


Lilian Cruella Sawyer (‘Lily’)
Lily is 17, the youngest of three children, and was chronically sick before her brother struck a deal with Ash to cure her. She is used to being the center of attention–especially her brothers’–and is fairly spoiled as a result. She is obsessive about fashion, design, and utterly destroying any unworthy female she sees as trying to get between herself and her brother.


Buttercup Sawyer
Buttercup is 19, and in college. She is extremely materialistic, miserly, and a gold digger. She has been known to act as a manager/promoter for her brother, but whether this is out of his interest or her own is anyone’s guess.



Marius is (or was) an INTERPOL agent trying to prove the existence of the black lolita serial killer (Obsidian).  He’s doing quite a good job linking together all of her former identities and husbands, but unfortunately no one believes him.  Except Obsidian, who finds his obsession with bringing her to justice sexy.  Marius now finds himself in a bizarre game of cat and mouse where if he survives, he’ll likely end up married to a serial killer.


Chastity ‘Mistress’ Fourrure

Chastity is an artist who refuses to part with any of her art and so pays for all the art supplies by working as an elite dominatrix and bondage model. It is this persona that Nightshade tried to recruit as her #2 for her world domination plans except Chastity thought she was just joking. She is very nice when not in leather, though is prone to go on feminist tirades.


Sebastien Cavalie
Sebastien claims to be Valentine’s fiancee from her previous life.  Sebastien desperately wants to take Valentine away from the evil people she is currently entangled with, whether or not Valentine wants to go.  He sees Ash (“The Woman”) as his rival, and is generally a jerk.