All My Pullips

All My Pullips (aka AMP) is a Pic-Fic.  Don’t know what a pic-fic is?  It’s like a comic where you use photos instead of drawings.

What kind of pic fic is AMP?  It’s sort of a soap opera…and sci-fi…and spy vs spy…and a little romance…and a lot of comedy!

Interested?  You can read up on the Cast of Characters or go straight to the Chapter Index!

Rated PG-13: It’s been pointed out a few times that my fics are more adult than most (but not nearly as adult as some!). Well, yeah. It’s a soap opera. It’s not vulgar, but it has man-whores, mad scientists, assassins, time travel, pirates… not much in the way of shopping. My dolls are not role models.