Requiem Art Designs is run by Gwendolyn, who recently took the jump into mad dolly science as a full time occupation after over ten years in the hobby.

While these days she tries to compensate for the lack of clothing patterns for all of the many different sizes and shapes of ‘fashion’ dolls with a new pattern every Friday in her Etsy shop, she still does mad dolly science experiments when she can.  Check out her Flickr albums for all of her gorgeous dolls, customs, and outfits.  Updates are also blogged on Tumblr, along with reblogging cool projects and tutorials other people have done and the occasional cute animal picture.   You can also follow Requiem Art Designs on Facebook and Twitter, if you want the updates but not the cute animal pictures!

Gwendolyn was not an art major.  She was a science major.  This is probably why she is good at making tutorials and fabric schematics (patterns :D).  She doesn’t expect anyone using her tutorials or patterns to have degrees in art/fashion/etc. either, and avoids phrases like “sewing against the bias” in favor of more easily understood terminology.