Wa-Loli for 1/4 BJD and 16″ Fashion Dolls

Slim MSD Wa-Loli kimono

You probably expected this after last week.  Ahh… I spent so many, many hours making ruffles this week!  So many.  Ruffles everywhere.

Anyway, this week’s pattern is Wa-Loli, but for 1/4 scale dolls!

Yay!  And there’s a weird thing about Wa-Loli.  See, most patterns, when they go up a size, don’t change much.  A couple more seams, a couple more darts to make something fit better.  I think it has to do with the way kimono are fitted, using a straight torso: in PS size, you have to work to reduce bulk around the waist otherwise you end up with a doll that looks like a rolled up napkin with a holder around the middle.  At M girl size the bust:hip:waist ratio goes all whacky and you have to reduce hip mass while adding waist bulk.  At 1/4 scale, some dolls have waists whole inches smaller than their busts/hips, and multiple bust sizes. 

Fortunately, it’s also the size that layering goes from “fake it whenever possible” to “a good idea sometimes.”  This pattern takes advantage of layering through the torso and skirt to provide support and smooth the torso over as a base for the outer dress and obi to make them less curve-hugging.  It’s not that simple, there are a few more tricks involved, but that’s the essentials.  Just because you make something bigger doesn’t mean it works bigger!  Rules change for different things at different rates.  Physics.

That’s why I only recommend enlarging patterns up to 50% larger or up to 30% smaller without having to change sizes even if the measurements are roughly proportionate, and why I haven’t made flowy, maxi dresses for regular 10″ dolls when I have made them for the giant 17″ dolls.  Sure, you could shrink them down, but it wouldn’t look right. 

And that’s why I spend all week testing these things out behind the scenes so you don’t have to!  Enjoy 🙂

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