Archive | March 2, 2018

Qi-Loli for Curvy 1/3

Qi Loli for Curvy 1/3 dolls!

This week’s pattern is another sponsored pattern!  And a good thing too, because while I love this style I wouldn’t have chosen to do it in 1/3 size for a while yet because of the complexity.  At 6 pages of pattern pieces, it took a LONG time to draft ^^;

I also tried something new with this one!  Previously when I had to break up a pattern piece to fit on a page, I cut up the pattern and traced the parts out separately.  This time, I used pages big enough to fit the whole pattern piece and broke it up digitally on my computer.  It took a bit longer, but I think doing that will make it much easier to assemble the pattern pieces before cutting out fabric. 

Check it out and enjoy I really look forward to seeing what other folks make with this one, it’s just so cute <3