Medium Boy Suit Pattern

Suits for Medium Boys (EAH, Taeyang, Ken)

This week’s pattern was a sponsored pattern (if someone has a desperate need for a pattern, they can commission one for exclusive use or sponsor one for much less but it also goes into the shop for general purchase).  Medium Boy dolls can now show off their style with this suit pattern, which also works as a EAH backgrounder type pattern!

This pattern is both similar and different to the School Uniform pattern, but the only pattern that is shared between them is socks.  Clothes in the suit pattern are a bit more detailed  (there’s 3 pages of pattern pieces in this pattern compared to 1.5 pages of pattern pieces in the school uniform pattern) while clothes in the school uniform are simplified for ease of sewing.  Even the tie patterns are different: the tie pattern in school uniform is like a clip on tie while the suit pattern is an actual tie you have to knot around the doll’s neck! 

If you have both you can certainly swap pieces between them, like if you want to add a blazer to your school uniform, or if you have a material you want to make into a shirt for a suit that’s a little on the thick side or hard to work with the school uniform shirt would be easier to sew. 

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