Corset patterns for Classic and Curvy Barbie!

Corsets for Curvy Barbie

I’m quite happy with this week’s patterns: Corsets for Curvy and Classic Barbies!

This is a style that I did quite a long time ago for PS sized dolls but was reluctant to do for bigger dolls because… it’s super fitted.  Super, super fitted.  Therefore, it is not nearly as multi-body-type friendly as other patterns.  If I need to make this for Tall, Petite, and Strong dolls, they will each have to have their own pattern, too. 

Corsets for Barbie

I really love this pattern on the Curvy body.  On Classic, it looks very nice and accents clothes well, but how do I put this… Curvy looks like she’s wearing a corset.

Does that make sense? Classic is so skinny already, the overbust corset looks like just another strapless top or outfit accessory, but on Curvy it looks like it’s actually shaping her body like a corset should. 

And of course, here’s back views:

Corsets for Curvy BarbieCorsets for Barbie

I did one of each demo corset with eyelets and looped lace.  Both look very nice, and though eyelets aren’t nearly as difficult as you think they are, they are still more difficult than simply sewing in looped lace. 

There’s also a third pattern that is now shown: the waist cincher.  This is like a broad belt that laces in the back.  It isn’t quite as versatile or iconic as a long line underbust or overbust corset. 

Enjoy 🙂 

(And let me know if you desperately need these in other sizes like Tall, Petite, or Strong.  If enough people ask, I’ll make them!)

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