Cupcake Lolita Dresses for Petite Slimline

Petite Slimline Cupcake Lolita

Valentine’s day is in less than two weeks, so I wanted to do a pattern that was super ruffly and cute! 

This pattern could also be called ‘layering lolita’ because it’s designed to layer pieces, but that didn’t sound as cute 😉  The blouse has been designed to be as un-bulky as possible to make it easier to sew in the chunky collars and not interfere with the fit of things layered over it. The wide waistband of the skirt (which can be worn as an underskirt) is designed to compress the blouse fabric around the waist so that the pinafore dress can be worn over both without the doll starting to look chunky through the torso. 

There’s also new sleeve, collar, and skirt styles in this one that you can swap around with other Lolita fashion packs like High Fashions, Princess, Meido, and Looking Glass.  Like this dress but want the high ruffled collar of High Fashions?  Just use pattern pieces from that pattern with this one.  Prefer one of the bodices in the Princess pack, but want this type of skirt?  You can combine them no problem.  

You can also get creative and do something like layer the skirt in this pattern over the long skirt in Victorian Steampunk to make a bustle. 

I know.  SO much awesome, the brain starts to stutter 😉

Anyhoo, you can pick it up now in the shop

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