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Medium Boy Suit Pattern

Suits for Medium Boys (EAH, Taeyang, Ken)

This week’s pattern was a sponsored pattern (if someone has a desperate need for a pattern, they can commission one for exclusive use or sponsor one for much less but it also goes into the shop for general purchase).  Medium Boy dolls can now show off their style with this suit pattern, which also works as a EAH backgrounder type pattern!

This pattern is both similar and different to the School Uniform pattern, but the only pattern that is shared between them is socks.  Clothes in the suit pattern are a bit more detailed  (there’s 3 pages of pattern pieces in this pattern compared to 1.5 pages of pattern pieces in the school uniform pattern) while clothes in the school uniform are simplified for ease of sewing.  Even the tie patterns are different: the tie pattern in school uniform is like a clip on tie while the suit pattern is an actual tie you have to knot around the doll’s neck! 

If you have both you can certainly swap pieces between them, like if you want to add a blazer to your school uniform, or if you have a material you want to make into a shirt for a suit that’s a little on the thick side or hard to work with the school uniform shirt would be easier to sew. 

Corsets for Minifees

Bustier and underbust corsets for Minifees

This week’s pattern is Corsets for Minifees!

Why Minifees?  Why not multiple doll sizes at 1/4 scale?  I’ve been able to make patterns adjustable to different sizes for all other patterns in this size before now.

See, it comes down to what a corset is and how it’s supposed to fit.  On a person, a corset would shape YOU, and therefore fit as snugly as a second skin.  Obviously a corset isn’t going to shape anything on a doll, but if it fits like a second skin it still looks right.  Therefore, to make a good corset pattern, I have to tailor it so exactly that it fits like a second skin. 

Below is a comparison of how much the pattern changes for two dolls with almost the exact same measurements:

Difference in pattern sizes

Once we get up to dolls that have 2-3cm in difference at the waist, hip, or bust… nope.  A simple tweak on one or two pattern pieces won’t do it.  But don’t worry: If I get a lot of requests for other sized dolls, I will happily make this pattern in other sizes as well! 

Corset patterns for Classic and Curvy Barbie!

Corsets for Curvy Barbie

I’m quite happy with this week’s patterns: Corsets for Curvy and Classic Barbies!

This is a style that I did quite a long time ago for PS sized dolls but was reluctant to do for bigger dolls because… it’s super fitted.  Super, super fitted.  Therefore, it is not nearly as multi-body-type friendly as other patterns.  If I need to make this for Tall, Petite, and Strong dolls, they will each have to have their own pattern, too. 

Corsets for Barbie

I really love this pattern on the Curvy body.  On Classic, it looks very nice and accents clothes well, but how do I put this… Curvy looks like she’s wearing a corset.

Does that make sense? Classic is so skinny already, the overbust corset looks like just another strapless top or outfit accessory, but on Curvy it looks like it’s actually shaping her body like a corset should. 

And of course, here’s back views:

Corsets for Curvy BarbieCorsets for Barbie

I did one of each demo corset with eyelets and looped lace.  Both look very nice, and though eyelets aren’t nearly as difficult as you think they are, they are still more difficult than simply sewing in looped lace. 

There’s also a third pattern that is now shown: the waist cincher.  This is like a broad belt that laces in the back.  It isn’t quite as versatile or iconic as a long line underbust or overbust corset. 

Enjoy 🙂 

(And let me know if you desperately need these in other sizes like Tall, Petite, or Strong.  If enough people ask, I’ll make them!)

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Hasbro Forces of Destiny Doll Action Figures

Lately there’s been a lot of crossover between ‘dolls’ and ‘action figures’.  Though it seems to me that the only real difference between action figures and dolls is whether or not boys are allowed to play with them without social disapproval, I have been told that it comes down to articulation and sculpting.

…ok, whatever.  Either way you look at it, action figures (like the all-sculpted 6″ mini DC Super Hero Girls) have been showing up in the girl aisles while traditional dolls have been gaining more articulation and sculpted clothing while Action figures have been getting bigger and more doll like (Hi there, Hot Toys!)  Madame Alexander Fangirl Dolls and WWE’s Diva dolls have brought classic fashion dolls to the boy aisles.

The Forces of Destiny dolls are hybrid dolls that are simultaneously dolls and action figures and are marketed to both boys and girls.  Great!  Let’s have a look.

Hasbro Doll comparison Continue reading

New way of doing Contests

New facebook group for giveaways

The general feedback I get with contests isn’t “Wow great prizes” so much as “Thanks for an excuse to finish that project/get out my sewing machine!”

So with that in mind, instead of running ‘contests’ in the traditional sense, I started up a new Facebook Group: Doll Clothes Sewing with Requiem Art Designs.

  • Post stuff you make using at least parts of a pattern, and you get entered into the monthly drawing for a free pattern of your choice.
  • You get an extra entry into the drawing if your entry is in the theme of the monthly challenge (February is “Ruffles”)
  • You can get another extra entry by posting your entry on Instagram and tagging me (@RequiemArtDesigns) so that I see it.
  • At the end of the month, I take the list of entries and random draw a winner who gets a pattern of their choice from the shop for free!

But at the same time, this is also a group where you get to show off things you’ve made and get feedback, and look at things people have done with the same patterns to get ideas.  I think that will be especially helpful for people who have trouble visualizing what you could do with a pattern, or how to combine different parts from different patterns to get a totally new look. 

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