Archive | January 12, 2018

Leather Jackets for Babs & co

Leather Jackets

This week, it’s the much asked for Jackets pattern in Medium Girl size!  Yes, this fits all the current fashionista bodies as well as the new strong WWE/WW bodies (as you can see from Becky Lynch rocking her new steampunk jacket to complete her outfit!).  If you’d like to see it on Curvy, there’s a shot of it on her in the shop listing.

It does NOT fit Medium boys.  I’m per-emptively saying that because I know someone will ask!  It comes down to shoulder width.  PS has puny, narrow shoulders.  P boys have broader shoulders than PS, but not as broad as M girls.  M girls do not have shoulders as broad as M boys.  Because this is loose fitting, JUST IN CASE I even tried the jacket on Hunter, but it wouldn’t go up past his meaty biceps. 

S Boy, M Girl, and M Boy are all roughly the same height, so you can’t enlarge/shrink the jacket (or any other pattern) to fit the shoulders without throwing the fit off for the rest.  I wish it was that easy!  But the size system exists for a reason.  Unless it’s a super loose pattern (like the cloak pattern) or designed for really stretchy fabric, you’re never going to get a good fit on a doll not in the same pattern size without having to modify the pattern.

Enjoy everyone, and have a great weekend!