Fan Choice!

Fan Choice Contest is complete!

We have a winner!  Congrats to Riley for making the most-voted for combo!

And as for the results of the polls…

Medium Curvy Girl Fan Choice

I split off Curvy to have her own popularity poll because even though 9/10 patterns that fit Classic/Tall/Petite fit her, there’s still that 1/10 that doesn’t.  And a lot of people are getting into sewing JUST to rock out their Curvy fashionistas!  Interestingly, the patterns most favorited by Curvy fans are not the same as the main Medium Girl size.  They are definitely a set of styles most flattering to the curvy body though!

Medium Girl Fan Choice

The main Medium Girl size is a little more eclectic, style-wise.  We’ve got casuals, punk, lolita, and period styles all in the same bunch!    A very fun selection, good variety if you want to try out different styles to see what you like to sew best.

Slim MSD Fan Choice

If you read my yearly summary, you might have noticed that I said something about the 16″ doll fans loving their elaborate dresses.  Not much of a surprise that all the most elaborate dress patterns were at the very top of this fan poll!  These are also moderately interchangeable as well.  You can certainly swap around bodice, skirts, and sleeves between the Princess and Rococo sets, or add the mandarin collar or sleeves to the Princess sets for even more Qi-lolita styles. 

So there you have it: This year’s fan choice pattern bundles.  All can be found either in the size that they belong to or in the Sale category of the Etsy shop.  Last year there were 15 pattern bundles, this year 22!  I’m worrying I’m getting into ‘too much choice’ territory 🙂