Archive | January 5, 2018

Pajama Pattern

This week all over the world places that don’t get snow have gotten snow.  Places that get snow have also gotten snow, and a cold snap that is…unusually cold!  Basically, this is the kind of week that you just do not want to get out of bed.  But you have to, because life.

(But dolls don’t)

Time for some vicarious fashion!  The new Pajamas pattern is a set of front-closing, collared pajamas in warm and cold weather versions.  There’s also fitted (blue) and loose (pink) cuts, and smooth/simple and notched collars.  I thought it would come out to be difficult because of the collars, but it’s actually been way easier to sew these collars than round collars on back-closure shirts! 

In a somewhat related note, the Pajama Party Mega Pack is going to be revised sometime soon.  It’s a double sized pattern that actually has enough completely unrelated patterns in it to make 3 pattern sets (Athletic & Sleepwear raglans, Babydoll dresses & PJs, and a genie harem girl set).  BUT the problem is, it’s got so much stuff in it, people don’t know about the patterns that aren’t on the cover and keep asking for things like Babydolls and genie harem pants.  So y’know, if you’ve been wanting it, get it before it’s split up!

TTFN and stay warm everyone!