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Pajamas for Tiny BJD dolls!

Tiny BJD Pajamas

So, so cute<3

Ok, so this week’s pattern is PAJAMAS!  Like the PS pattern, it has short and long sleeves options, as well as shorts and long pants.  Unlike the PS pattern is also has an extra option for simplified shirts for less bulk around the shoulders, but also keeps the regular shirt pattern with shoulder seams as a second option in case you’re sewing with a directional pattern.

It’s super, super cute and I personally need to make them for all my dolls now.  Oh man so cute. 

Check it out in the shop!

Slim MSD/16″ Fashion Doll Jackets

I was going to do something else this week, but everyone kept asking about this, so I went with this ^^;

Jackets for Slim MSD
See those two jackets? Here they are on two western fashion dolls (Fashion Royalty 16 and Ellowyne Wilde):

Slim MSD Jackets on western 16" Fashion dolls


Fit surprisingly well!  Especially the black one, which went from a much thicker boy torso to the wasp-waisted Poppy Parker Teen/Tulabelle/FR:16 body. 

 There are the two different front/collar styles, but no overlap due to the much bigger diversity in torso shapes in this size vs other sizes I made this pattern for.  There are tweaks for a more fitted cut for dolls with narrower waists, as well as a broader chest cut to fit dolls at the upper edge of this size range.  Also included a SLIGHTLY larger version with all the same options in case you want to layer the jacket over bulkier clothes, like a sweater vs a long sleeve T. 

Go check it out in the shop!  Enjoy 🙂

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Leather Jackets for Babs & co

Leather Jackets

This week, it’s the much asked for Jackets pattern in Medium Girl size!  Yes, this fits all the current fashionista bodies as well as the new strong WWE/WW bodies (as you can see from Becky Lynch rocking her new steampunk jacket to complete her outfit!).  If you’d like to see it on Curvy, there’s a shot of it on her in the shop listing.

It does NOT fit Medium boys.  I’m per-emptively saying that because I know someone will ask!  It comes down to shoulder width.  PS has puny, narrow shoulders.  P boys have broader shoulders than PS, but not as broad as M girls.  M girls do not have shoulders as broad as M boys.  Because this is loose fitting, JUST IN CASE I even tried the jacket on Hunter, but it wouldn’t go up past his meaty biceps. 

S Boy, M Girl, and M Boy are all roughly the same height, so you can’t enlarge/shrink the jacket (or any other pattern) to fit the shoulders without throwing the fit off for the rest.  I wish it was that easy!  But the size system exists for a reason.  Unless it’s a super loose pattern (like the cloak pattern) or designed for really stretchy fabric, you’re never going to get a good fit on a doll not in the same pattern size without having to modify the pattern.

Enjoy everyone, and have a great weekend!

Contest Entry voting time!

Entries are in! Go voteVOTING TIME!

Pick your favorite combo from the entries for it to become the 2018 Fan Favorite discount bundle!  To vote, just go to the Requiem Art Designs Facebook page and like the entry or entries you like best.  I will only be counting likes of people that follow Requiem Art Designs (to cut down on vote fraud).  Hopefully this will go smoothly and the winner will be announced on Monday 🙂


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