Kigurumi for Slim MSD

Slim MSD Kigurumi!

This week is Thanksgiving, for non-US folks.  That was yesterday, so I had a lot of stuff to get ready and travel for that.  Also I’ve been selling some excess dolls on Facebook, which has eaten a good bit of this week, running to get boxes, to the post office, answering questions, getting shipping quotes, etc.  So I’m kind of amazed I got this done for today! 

Because it’s a stressful week, I wanted to do something that was the sewing equivalent of comfort food: kigurumi.  They’re loose, so very easy to sew.  They’re also cute, cuddly, and fun to make in all the different styles.  This time, I cut up an old shirt to make a cheshire cat kigurumi!  I didn’t have time to make more demos (after I get the fit right, which I did, the only real options on kigurumi is animal parts and colors), but I may add more if I get time.  So check it out in the shop & enjoy!


Sales have become as traditional on “Black Friday” as getting together with family and friends the day before.  I’m not a big fan, especially since a lot of stores have been pushing back Black Friday sales to force stores open and employees to work on Thanksgiving itself which is one of the two freakin’ days malls aren’t open in the US. But eh, everyone’s been asking about it so I added one.  I’m such a sucker for customer requests -.-  But act fast, it ends today!