Medium Girl Winter Coats

Did you know I have THREE winter coat patterns in PS size and NONE for Medium?  OMG!  That had to be fixed! 

So here’s fix #1: Winter Coats.  Because it’s November, and because this is probably the best coat pattern.  Frock Coats are niche-y, and while the leather jacket pattern is spectacular, sewing with vinyl or thin pleather isn’t for someone who just started sewing.  This one you can sew up in a half hour or so, is newbie friendly, and has a ton of different collar/hood/cape options.

It also is fully compatible with the animal bits from the Hoodie pattern, should you want to make a pink catgirl lolita coat with fluffy white trim, ears, a tail, and bell fastening at the collar. 
….Why yes, that was oddly specific 😉

(also, Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans–I’ll be celebrating too, but there will still be a pattern on Friday!)