1/4 Bikinis & Underwear


This week in dolly patterns: 1/4 undies!

1/4 Lingerie!  I liked the previous smaller sizes, but I like this one even more.  It was a little tougher to figure out, but I learned some new techniques for stabilizing stretchy materials (as in, keeping little bikini tops from riding up over the boobs…) so that some parts stretch while others fit snugly.  And of COURSE that’s all incorporated into the pattern, so you can learn it too and apply it to any other projects it might help! Check it out in ze shop now

There are no tights in this one, but there’s more cut options in the bras/panties.  I think it works out.  The tights problem is a logistical one, because see those 3 dolls on the cover?  Their feet range from nubs less than an inch to properly proportionate feet around 2″ in length, and some dolls are significantly longer/curvier in the legs than others.  They cannot share the same tights.  Definitely no, not even with the stretchiest fabric. It’s a pity, but I’m sure I’ll develop a workaround in the future.  It might just take a couple of pages of variations ^^;

Have a good weekend and an especially fun Halloween!