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1/4 doll pattern: Looking Glass Lolita

Slim MSD Looking Glass Lolita pattern

I had lots of fun with this one!  Usually I swear my head off most of the time I’m developing a pattern (think regular sewing is frustrating?  developing is ALL errors!) but this time I just kept thinking “OMG so cute!” 

Like the other sizes, Looking Glass Lolita is a simple, fast-sewing pattern that gives you a result that looks like you spent way more time and effort on it than you did.  Enjoy, and have a lovely weekend!

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Looking Glass Lolita pattern for 11.5″ Fashion Dolls

Looking Glass Lolita pattern on Etsy!

I apologize to those of you hoping for a Mother of Dragons pattern in this size this week, but PS size is my ‘experimental’ size.  If I get a lot of requests for a pattern, I’ll usually make it in that size and see how it does before trying it in other sizes.  I’ve learned over the years that just because something is highly requested doesn’t equate to actual popularity. Mother of Dragons is still very much in the ‘we’ll see’ phase. 

And there’s a whole bunch of patterns that haven’t been made in larger sizes yet that are well loved in the smaller sizes!  Like this one.  I really though I had this pattern in practically every size.  It’s THE Lolita fashion pattern, one of those rare simple, fast-sewing patterns that makes a lovely, very un-simple result!

So if you like this type of dress and are new to sewing for dolls?  This is the one you want.   Even better, you can sew the core dress and leave off the trickiest parts parts (collar, sleeves, or both!), and you have an excellent babydoll dress you can pair with a necklace and boots for an edgy modern style. 

Mother of Dragons Pattern

PS Mother of Dragons

I love costuming.  It’s way more fun than sewing casual clothes, and one of the main benefits of sewing for dolls.  Super cool fabric $30 or more a yard?  Hard to justify for a one-off outfit for me, but when you only need 1/8 yard to make a whole dress (or several) for your dolls… Yes, please! 

So just in time for Halloween sewing, I’m giving in to the biggest costuming request I get: GOT fashions.  This set is based off of Dani’s dragon-riding styles. Like all of my patterns, super versatile: you can sew the keyhole cutout on the peaked-shoulder, high-collar option or any other combination of sleeves, necklines, and hemlines you can think of. The front skirt opening is also completely optional, if you want a more traditional dress with these options.


Hascon 2017 (Part 1)

I took a crapton of photos, so I’ll be splitting this up into a few posts!

Hascon 2017

I was pretty excited about HASCON.  I’m not a big con person, but I liked the idea of this because if Hasbro has its own convention, giving each of its properties space, then in theory, they each have a lot more creativity than if they were all crammed into a Hasbro booth at another convention like SDCC.  And they totally did.  My favorite part by far was the Marvel Legends booth, where they had some gorgeous resin 3D printers going live as they printed up stuff on them.  The resin printers look like something out of an 80s evil scientist B horror movie, with beds of liquid resin being constantly swished around figures that are slowly emerging from the gooey depths.  I <3 them.  But more about that later! Continue reading

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Chibi Sized Looking Glass Lolita pattern!

Looking Glass Lolita in Chibi size!

Being a 5-Friday month, there is one extra alt-size pattern this month and this is it!  Looking Glass Lolita for Chibi Dolls

Chibi dolls being Kinoko Juice, Kikipop, and Fairyland’s Realfee with or without animal legs/tails. 

I also went to Hascon today!  Hascon is the convention Hasbro started for all of their toylines.  It was pretty big, and it was pretty awesome.  I have lots of pictures, and will post them and do a con writeup later.