Heads up: I still own Puddles

Doll Shoes: Puddles!Puddles was originally made as a donation to PUDDLE, the US Pullip convention. She was raffled off and won by a gal I know, who had her for a couple of years and then when she was planning to sell her, I bought her back because I love this little gal!  She is one of 2 dolls out of my entire collection that has the honor of sitting on my desk. 

And she’s still there!

If this seems like a kind of random post, well, yeah, it is.  That’s because her head is also up for sale in a custom lot on Ebay.  Except it isn’t, because that’s not her.  It’s a copy someone else made.  And it’s not exactly cool that someone made a copy of the doll, but since it’s only showing up now on Ebay as a head (when I made the original like 7 years ago), I think it’s pretty safe to assume it’s a copy someone made and cherished for a long time.  It’s a bit different than someone making a copy to sell.  One’s an act of love, and the other’s just greed. 

I contacted the seller and asked her to clarify that she is not me and the head is not Puddles, so as long as she does that I’m cool with it.