The New Ken dolls: Slim, Original, and Broad

…or as I refer to them in my head, Twink, Twunk, and Beefy. 

New Kens size chart

I like the variety.  I always will applaud variety.  Is this groundbreaking variety?  Nah.  If anything, the ‘broad’ male to be the ‘plus size’ counterpart to the new Curvy Barbie is even less of a stretch into the edgy than Curvy was.  Look at those flat abs and total lack of love handles! 

The body that annoys me the most is the new “Original” body, which is not the same as any previous Ken and just messes with the terminology.  Not just because of that, but because I don’t think that the exaggerated V torso ideal in men is any healthier than the Classic Original Barbie bod was for women. Men aren’t built that way.  The closest I can think of is a swimmer’s physique, and even they don’t have hips narrower than their rib cages.  If the point of this is to promote healthy body images, the new Original body is less realistic than Classic. 

Apart from the complaint that 1 of the 3 new body types is more of a step back than a step forward, my other major problem with these guys is the articulation.  It’s crap.  And I don’t just mean that it’s 5 point crap: the widest stance Broad Ken can have spaces his feet only 2 inches apart.  His foot moves back about 1 inch and forward 5 (not enough to sit).  It is worse than the alt sized Barbies. 

So will I be making clothes for them?  Sure!  All dolls need clothes.  You can read the breakdown of sizes here, in the measurements section. 



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