Combo Breaker: Fantasy Tops

Slim MSD Fantasy Tops

I tried REALLY hard to get the Qi-loli pattern in 1/4 size for today but it just wasn’t happening.  Some patterns take longer than others, and when you have as many variations as is in the Qi-loli pattern, you have to sew that many more test demos to make sure everything is just right, and then you have to carefully decorate them and make sure you DON’T smear the fabric paint (and then cry softly on your desk after you do, because then you get to start all over again…)  I started the Medium girl size a week and a half before it was released, and the PS size weeks and weeks before it was released, so… not a huge surprise, but still disappointed.  And pretty burned out from trying.  I’ll have it out for next month’s 1/4 size pattern.

So instead, here’s one of my reserve patterns: Fantasy Tops!

Fantasy Tops is a commissioned pattern from someone who wanted some clothes that would be friendly to the current fad of half-human dolls (satyrs, centaurs, mermaids, etc).  It’s a basic set of tops in the style you’d find at a renaissance fair with a lot of detachable options to give a more whimsical flair, from a basic all-purpose babydoll skirt (just long enough to cover a human doll to mid thigh, or just go past the hips of a centaur or mermaid!), a layered petal skirt for fairie type fashion, or a split-front, hi/low single or multiple layered skirt that looks like lingerie on a human doll or drapes elegantly across the back and front legs of a centaur. 

3 thoughts on “Combo Breaker: Fantasy Tops

  1. These look really cute! Any chance of seeing them in petite and medium sizes as well in the future (as in, when you’re able to adapt them to those sizes as well)?

    • Depends on how popular it is in 1/4 size! I may make it for Medium girls, but I can’t afford to do more petite patterns. I thought they might get more popular since it’s the new Disney Princess/Descendants size, but they average 1 copy every 2-3 months, and there are a few in the shop that haven’t sold any all year ^^;

  2. Well, I’ll definitely buy a copy in Medium if you put it out, as soon as I can afford it. (Fixed income, what can I say…) Pity about the petite sizes, but if the don’t sell, what can you do?

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