Saber School Uniform for 1/3 Curvy dolls!

Saber School Uniform Pattern

I wasn’t expecting to do another 1/3 scale doll pattern so soon, but someone commissioned one so you all lucked out!

The Saber School Uniform is similar to the school uniforms of smaller sizes but…also not.  Along with the 1/4″ seam allowance that I use on this size, other things that are just impractical at smaller doll sizes start to be not only doable but a good idea!  Like the blouse.  At the smaller sizes, the collar is 1 piece of fabric because more than that gets bulky and unweildy.  On this pattern, the collar is made of 4 pieces of fabric, much more like people clothes!  It’s also a front-closure pattern because a little snap, hook, or short piece of velcro isn’t going to be noticeable at this size (vs look like some kind of weird growth under the fabric on smaller doll sizes!)

So for those of you who like more realistic clothes on your dolls, you’ll love this pattern!  Lots of wardrobe staples in this pattern <3