Hoodies & Raglan pattern for Slim MSDs

Unisex raglans & hoodies

This week’s pattern is similar to last week’s pattern, but for Slim MSDs!  And instead of fitting different Barbie body shapes, it fits both boys and girls in Slim MSD size!

So why can’t I do this for Barbie, other etc sizes too, you’re probably thinking.  The answer is “Dolly Sexual Dimorphism”   Slim MSD sized boys are usually 1-2cm taller than the girls, but with less than 1 cm of difference in all other measurements (including bust!) except for maybe waist size on some doll brands.  They look a lot different, but that comes down to sculpt, not proportion (like how the DC Super Hero Girls and Ever After High girls have identical proportions even though the Super Hero Girls are all very muscular looking). 

Monster High boys/girls are the next closest.  They can’t share most clothes (in the Slim MSD size, even the dresses will fit the boys!) but they can share some, which is why I have a few unisex patterns in that size.  Ever After High changed the boy-girl difference from “sometimes” to “not at all” with boys with much broader shoulders and chests, and then by the time you get up to 11.5″ fashion dolls, the difference is even greater.  No matter how fabulous Barbie’s clothes are, Ken can’t get into them.  Which is probably why they broke up after 50 years 😉

Anyway, if you’d like you can check out this pattern in the shop!  It isn’t part of April’s giveaway because there isn’t a full week left in the month, so it will be the first to qualify for May’s giveaway. 

And, speaking of the end of the month coming up… have you made use of the Buy4Get1 coupon code yet?  Come next month, you’ll really wish you had!


5 thoughts on “Hoodies & Raglan pattern for Slim MSDs

  1. Gwendolyn, I love your patterns!.You cover a lot of my doll needs for clothing!.Besides having monster high girls,both 11inch and 17 inch,ever after girls,I/4 bjd’s,pullip,momoko,misaki,dal and Blythe,I also have oddeco and a midi blythe.Would you have a size that would fit them? Amy

  2. Hi Gwendolyn! I have their measurements,but not sure how to post them.Do I just tell you the measurements.I did use the chart to go by.Amy

      • Hi Gwendolyn! Here are those measurements. Odecco: body height 11.2cm, shoulder width 3.3cm, bust 8.3, waist 7, hip 9.5, torso length 7.5, leg length 6.2, leg girth 4.5, arm length 5, and arm girth 3. Midi Blythe’s body height is 12 cm, shoulder width 3.3, bust 8.3,waist 6, hip 8.4, torso length 6, leg length 7.5, leg girth 4.5, arm length 6, arm girth 2.5cm.It sure is surprising how some of these measurements are in comparison to the other!.Amy

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