Archive | March 3, 2017

Sewing for DC Super Hero Girls

Sewing pattern for DC Super Hero Girls

I had no idea what was up with the DC Super Hero Girls last year.  After an amazing start where all the dolls were immediately snatched off of shelves (and often sold on Ebay for extreme amounts) when they were released at the beginning of the year, they kind of… disappeared.  No new lines or accessories or anything even through the holidays and the stores that had them in stock just kind of shuffled them around to any unused shelf space.   But then just after the holiday season, new stuff started hitting the shelves and a lot of stores now have dedicated “DC Super Hero Girls” space again!  Some new dollies on the horizon, too! 

…but no clothing packs 🙁 Boo!  Instead, most of the new dolls have molded on clothes. Which… is OK, I guess.  Since every year there are fewer and fewer fashion packs for even lines like Barbie, I guess having molded on clothes is a better outcome than a kiddo losing her doll’s clothes and having to fight crime in the buff. 

It isn’t ideal, though: every comic book fan knows that the heroes (and villains) have to have civilian clothes to wear over their super hero costumes, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to keep their secret identities!  Even the molded-costume dollies still need civilian disguises!  So that’s where this fashion pack comes in 😀

Any PS Sized pattern fits if you enlarge it to 125%, but I decided to do a Basics pattern set for them so that people new to doll sewing don’t have to fiddle with resizing.  I also tweaked it a bit: simplified a couple of things and added some more options that aren’t in the regular PS Basics.  Check it out now in the shop