New service in the shop: Printing!

Pattern Printing Service now on Etsy

I’m happy to say I now offer Print Services in the shop!

For MOST people, it’s infinitely easier and faster to download and print at home. Some people don’t have easy access to a printer, and don’t live somewhere it’s easy to get to a print shop. For those people, they’d have to order printing services online to be mailed to them anyway. What an (expensive) hassle!

I’ve also been getting more and more questions about resizing–like enlarging a PS pattern 125% to make clothes for DC Super Hero Girls, for example.  I can give as much tech support as I can, but everyone’s printer is different & every program you can print from also has its own defaults and templates.  A royal headache for people who don’t (or can’t figure out) those options. 

So over the weekend I went to a local print shop and got some options.  Prints will all be in B&W because printing is .10 for B&W and .50 for color and if it’s mixed they go by the higher rate. More to print on legal sized pages.  Plus Etsy fees (around .40) and transaction fees (around .50) and gas, I should be just about breaking even on the printing part.

Let’s hope this works out well!  I hope this removes a lot of headaches for people 🙂