Sewing contest?

It’s been a while since I did a contest. I’m thinking that I hear a lot of “_____ is perfect for an outfit I’m planning! I just need time to do it…”

Contests are a great way to provide extra motivation!

I’m thinking of doing a sewing contest where all people have to do is make that outfit they’ve been trying to do. It’s the details I’m trying to figure out. Like:

How long should the contest run?
What prize would be the best motivation? (ex: free patterns, getting to design the next pattern, something else)
Should I pick the winner, or have it done by vote?
If I do it by vote, where/how would I do it?

So… ideas? Opinions?

2 thoughts on “Sewing contest?

  1. This is a great idea! If you launch this contest MAYBE I’ll get my lazy butt to finally use some of the fabrics I’m hoarding. I’d give it a long deadline – think at the very least twice the time it takes you to make a pattern, from idea to successful implementation. You should specify if it has to use your patterns or not, if it’s for a full outfit or an item of clothing, and what types of dolls are allowed. The prizes you suggested sound awesome!

  2. Voting contests tend to turn into popularity contests, so I would prefer a judge–or two prizes, one judged and one the “audience pick”. A theme would be cool too.

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