Broadening my horizons

Ok, so in January and February, I ran shop contests.  It was fun, and I like to think by doing so I got a few new people interested in sewing for dolls who wouldn’t have tried it otherwise.

Now it’s March, and I need to work on another goal.  This month, I’m going to work on expanding my web presence by trying to offer patterns somewhere other than Etsy, which most non-crafty people have never heard of, and a lot of crafty people don’t use.

I would love to build a simple e-delivery shop for my website where people don’t have to sign up with usernames and passwords and can just click “Buy”, pay, and be able to download their patterns.  I love Etsy’s e-delivery’s system’s ability to recognize when a pattern is downloaded so people can’t pretend they never got them.  While my coding ability would allow me to set up a shop, the e-delivery thing is a bit out of my experience (for now) so I am looking into alternatives.

So far, the best option seems to be Ebay.  I don’t really like Ebay.  In fact, I rather despise it.

Some complications:

  • Ebay does NOT allow digital sales, so sales would have to be at least somewhat print-based with delivery confirmation
  • When I’m doing 12-14 hour work days, I can’t be running to the post office.  I also can’t anticipate my work schedule, so I don’t know when those days will be
  • Ebay is full of assholes
  • Ebay is full of scammers
  • Ebay offers next to no protection from the two above issues
  • Ebay’s new international shipping thing
  • Lack of delivery confirmation options below priority with international shipping

Benefits of using Ebay:

  • Wide audience
  • Viable solution to people who want printed patterns instead of digital ones
  • …there’s got to be something else, and I just can’t think of it.

So in the next few days, I’m going to set up an Ebay shop.  I’m not sure if I will be able to offer international options, and patterns WILL be slightly more expensive, to cover printing costs (I’m thinking 3.50-4.00, but I need to run calculations on my printer’s cost-per-page as most pattern packs are between 3-5 pages long).

But if anyone has any other suggestions about websites or digital sales services, I would love to hear about them!

One thought on “Broadening my horizons

  1. I know people who’ve quit selling on eBay cuz it’s just not worth it. I tried to sell 3 iPhones and got hit with so many scammers I ended up giving the phones away to relatives.

    Could you print the patterns and sell the patterns from this website? Offer an option of getting them cheaper from your etsy because of the digital download.

    Could you set up a YouTube account and make short, simple videos advertising patterns, this site and etsy. Put the links in the description box of all your videos. That’s how I’ve found my way to a lot of etsy shops and I’m crafty.

    Good luck. I hope you find something that works for you.

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