New Custom Dolls on Etsy

Five new dolls up on Etsy!

First, a romantic Clawdeen completed on Valentine’s Day:
Clawdeen Wolf

Next, an experimental Frankie, who unfortunately was the most troublesome to photograph. I tried giving her 2-tone eyelashes to go with her black/white hair, but the camera either washed out, increased the contrast, or both at the same time to her eyelashes, and I’m not good enough at photography to figure out how to fix it. Oh well. Whoever buys her will be more pleasantly surprised than usual by how good she looks in person!
Frankie repaint

Lagoona, who might be my absolute favorite custom from the MH group because she came together so perfectly:
Lagoona Blue

Let’s not forget Rochelle, who consistently looks amazing whenever she’s customized (she and Spectra have such incredible sculpts, especially paired with retro/vintage styled makeup)
Rochelle Goyle

And lastly, because I’ve already posted about her… multiple times, Ashlynn Ella:
Ashlynn Ella
Absolutely fabulous

Anyhoo, all are now available in my Etsy Shop, and buying them does enter you into the “Fantasy Fashion” contest going on this month 🙂

One thought on “New Custom Dolls on Etsy

  1. They are all gorgeous!
    I’m finally convinced. When I see them on sale, I’m getting an EAH doll. I cannot bare they stock faces but they do look great with a new faceup. 🙂

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