How do you customize?

“How do you customize?”

I think it’s the customizer’s equivalent of “Where do your ideas come from?” or something. I get it a lot. Normally I just kind of blink a bit, and say something about paint and brushes. Sometimes, though, I do have specific methods, like that thing I do to draw lines of symmetry to get eyebrows on straight.

Here’s another quirk: Winter sealing.

Monster High Sealing-box

Mr. Super Clear is best used between the temperatures of 62-80 degrees, in non-humid situations, or it might go crazy and turn milky on you. Now, I’m sure in SOME parts of the world, that’s a pretty reasonable temperature/humidity range. Not so much where I live. That might be 30 days of the year in total.

So how do I seal? On those nice days, I run outside, do a quick spray while I hold my breath with the breeze at my back, run inside, come out ten minutes later, and pick up my doll parts. I don’t wear a mask because it’s a 10-20 second job and I’m holding my breath. I do it with the wind at my back because I don’t really want to smell like Mr. Super Clear. It’s pretty nasty.

The rest of the year, indoors is it. To do this, I will fill a deep box with whatever doll bits need spraying until the box is at capacity. Turn on the vents in my bathroom on full blast, hold my breath, spray, and get the fuck out of there, leaving the vents running for 5 or more hours because that’s how long it takes the smell to go away. Just before work or bed time, usually. Filling up the box before I spray makes the sealant go further, and means that there is usually weeks between sprays.

Thus, when I do customs, they tend to come out in clusters. Now, when this batch of Monster High dolls is finished, faceups-wise, some of them will go directly on Etsy, and some of them will sit around waiting to get new hair and clothes. Hairing and sewing are also things done in batches because they create huge messes, so this mega group of dolls will be further sub divided, and come out in smaller clusters of 2-4 at a time.

And that’s how I customize.

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  1. Hey, that’s pretty much what I did last time I had to spray inside. Only I sat the box on the oven and had the oven fan on maximum power – it sucked up all the smell pretty fast! I do the same when I use those strong glues that give off toxic fumes. 😮

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