Book Review: Dexter is Delicious

This one is kind of a cheat, because I listened to it as an audio book. I don’t generally like audio books because they take 4-5 times longer than an actual read, but hey, road trip.

Dexter is Delicious is the 5th novel in the series by Jeff Lindsay, which the tv series Dexter is based off of. They’re fairly similar through the first book, start wandering much further apart by the second book, and are pretty much different creatures after that. But I like both versions.

The good: Entertaining story, and the author does the audio book quite well. The risk with audio books is that if you get a bad reader, it makes the book impossible even if it’s a good book, but if you get a good reader, the book may end up being even better. A great example of this is the audio book version of Stephen King’s “Just After Sunset”, the short story “N.” which was done so spectacularly by the reader that that is now one of my favorite Stephen King stories. Jeff Lindsay did a much better than average job, and he didn’t try to girly up his voice into falsetto when he did female characters, which I was very, very grateful for. But back to the story: Standard Dexter romp. Not too predictable, but not too surprising, either. No gaping plot holes, and it was entertaining enough to keep me interested and even giggle out loud a couple of times.
The bad: A couple of characters were a bit on the overdone side, becoming more charicature-ish than real, made only worse by the overdone voice portrayals. But a lot of the humor from the series comes from exaggeration, so I can’t complain too much. A few aspects are a little too much to be believed (I.E. a police officer who had both his hands, feet, and tongue removed coming back to the force in any capacity, even with prostheses and a voice box) but that’s still on the nit picking side.
Overall: I didn’t mind spending 11 hours listening to it! And it really made traffic more tolerable. I think I’ll still prefer sitting down and reading the next ones, though.