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July 2010
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Doll Review: Moxie Teenz

Moxie Teens is the newest offering from MGA, maker of Bratz.  I figured when I heard about them, that ‘teenz’ would imply a smaller doll, but it turns out they’re actually quite a bit larger.  With all of the articulation, adult sized proportions, acrylic eyes and wigs, they reminded me a lot more of the mid-sized BJDs than anything else, and I had to get one to see just how articulated she was under all her clothes (that sounds so dirty…)

I put her through the rigors along with some 1/6 jointed bodies. Two are american, the new super-jointed barbie body and a Liv doll; two are asian, a 27cm obitsu and a type 4 pullip body.

The new moxie girl is jointed at the neck, wrist, elbow, shoulder, bust, hip, knee, and ankle. Not all articulation is equal though; the knee joints only hinge, they don’t hinge and pivot, which means no crossed legs. The bust joint also is pretty useless, it doesn’t really add much movement to the torso, either leaning or turning. The wrists and ankles are very nice. She has larger feet proportionately than the average fashion doll, but she is not balanced well enough to be able to stand alone. She didn’t come with a stand.

I really look forward to seeing the customization options and clothing that these dolls come out with. I really like the wig swapping aspect, and I think this will be a great intermediate doll for girls who are more interested in doing things with their dolls (like sewing–every try to turn a Barbie’s sleeve? Hahahaha…) that will encourage more creativity.

Here’s just hoping this differently-sized doll will beat the odds and catch on. She has a lot of potential, and I hope she lasts long enough for people to notice it.


Comment from Tamara
Time October 11, 2010 at 3:30 AM

Question! Is the Obitsu in your pictures a soft body or a hard body?

Also, I found this post very useful. Thank you!

Comment from Requiem
Time October 11, 2010 at 6:14 AM

Thanks! It’s a soft body. Specifically the large bust 2-part soft torso